Molly and Scott

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Moab, Utah

How We Met

In 2010, I met Scott’s roommate, David (The Man, The Myth, The Legend!) climbing Mount Shavano and Tabeguache Peak (two of Colorado’s 14,000′ + peaks) with me Dad. My Dad quickly realized David was the hiking buddy I needed to accomplish my goal of finishing the Colorado 14ers. He encouraged us to exchange information.

The following summer, David invited me on a hike with his buddies. I have been hiking with these “Mountain Men” ever since (one of which was Scott).

We first met at the inaugural Friends Day party that Jay (our Best Man), Pat (our Officiant), and I planned. Shortly after we climbed our first mountain together, Conundrum Peak. It started as a friendship and eventually grew deeper through a shared love for the outdoors.

Together we have climbed dozens of peaks (finished all of Colorado’s 14ers), hiked hundreds of miles, driven thousands of miles in the car to remote trailheads and ski resorts, flown tens of thousands of miles to see the world, and spent hours upon hours in the backcountry in both hiking boots or ski boots.

Scott asked my Dad’s permission to marry Daughter #4. My Dad could not extend his hand fast enough to welcome Scott into the family. My Dad knew there could not be a more perfect match for his little granola girl.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Moab, Utah

Molly's Proposal in Moab, Utah

how they asked

I said “YES” 100 feet off the ground!

Moab has always been a special place for Molly and me. It was our first trip together, and the first place I told Molly I loved her after a day spent hiking Corona Arch with friends. I knew this was the place I wanted to propose.

Molly and I went out early to claim our usual campsite, excited our group was bigger than usual! We enjoyed a nice hike on Friday to a secret arch we hadn’t been to. The rest of the crew came in later that night, eager for the big weekend.

Saturday morning, we all headed to Corona Arch trailhead.

Corona Arch is a natural wonder that is on BLM land. Which means, unlike the arches inside the national park, you can climb on top of the arch! The entire group except our buddy John (photo credit for our save the date!) who stayed back with his pup Pico climbed to the top. Molly was skeptical as to why her friends were heading up the sketchy climb to the top of the arch. She was even more skeptical when Ellen brought her very nice camera up as well (photo credit for amazing proposal close-up!). We are both happy to say everyone made it up (and later down) the arch safely.

Once on top, I asked Molly to go out on the arch and take a picture with me. After a few quick pictures, she turned to leave, and I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She did not think it was real (maybe because it was April Fool’s Day). I asked again, and of course she said YES!! She asked if we could sit down so she could put the ring on (we were over 100 feet off the ground). Thanks to her good friend Lilly, the ring fit perfectly.

Where to Propose in Moab, Utah

On our precarious climb down the arch, Molly asked if Lilly knew I was proposing. I casually said yes. To Molly’s great surprise, Lilly and her husband Taylor (flying all the way from Seattle!!) were waiting at the bottom of the arch with open arms and an open bottle of champagne!

After our hike out, I had one more surprise for Molly. I had rented a house in town for everyone to stay at, and our dear friend, Jeff the chef, cooked a huge meal for all (with a big salad for Molly).

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. We are so grateful to all that made it possible!!!

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