Molly and Sam

How We Met

Me and Sam met through family at a christening. I was besotted at the age of 14 with the 16 year old learning to drive and had left school. Being so young it didn’t last long, but something always kept us connected. Two years later after seeing each other from a distance Sam contacted me again and since then for the past seven years we have been inseperable. He has supported me through university making me the most amazing teacher and person I could be.

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how they asked

On the 25th November I was set on a treasure hunt around the house to find my birthday surprise. In two weeks, the 9th December time I was flying of to NEW YORK CITY. Sam knew how much of a dream it was from me to visit this place, especially at winter time. We landed into pouring rain and this seemed to really bother Sam and kept asking me, as we wandered looked in awe at how magical the city was in the dark, whether I would still be happy to ice skate. The rain stopped and we walked to the ice rink, put our skates on and had such a laugh slipping and sliding around. After a while Sam asked whether I would mind if he asked the guy working in the ice rink to film us skating around once for his nephews as it’s the ice rink from the film Elf. It was all a blur from there, Sam span me round to face him in the centre of the ice rink nad got down on to one knee and said “Molly Jane Weeks you mean everything to me.” He then looked me in the eye and said “Will you marry me?” I’m not sure many words came out of my mouth apart from tears and a nod.

I never thought I deservered something so magical and that is how Sam proves what he means to me, doing everything in hs power to make me happy. He does that every day in small ways but can do it huge ways aswell. I wanted to share this because I feel that Sam deserves the recognition for what he has done for me. I don’t know how I will ever be able to do something like that for him, one day hopefully.

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