Molly and Robert

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How We Met

Robert and I met in college. I was in a sorority, living in the Alpha Phi house. My roommate was dating a Kappa Sigma who shared a birthday just a few days prior to mine. He and his fraternity brothers decided to throw us a combined birthday party, and that’s where I met Robert. I had seen him around before and definitely had a crush. The birthday party night was a blur but after one conversation with Robert, I knew I needed to know more about him.

A couple of weeks later my sorority was having our annual formal. I was dateless and suggested to my roommate’s boyfriend that he should find me a date. He immediately texted Robert and let me know that he was interested in going. That was it. We went to formal together and saw each other every day until the end of the school year. He became my best friend. Although things were flirty, nothing ever happened until a weekend getaway on Memorial Day weekend. A group of friends went to Robert’s cabin and it was there that we finally admitted to having feelings for each other. Things were complicated because he was about to move to San Diego to start work and I still had 2 years of school left. Not only was I still in school for a while, but I was about to move to Spain for 5 months for a semester abroad! Circumstances were not in our favor but we decided that if it was meant to be, it would work out.

Cue 2 years of long distance, from Spain to San Diego, and the Northern California to Southern California. After 2 years of postcards and letters back and forth, thousands of Southwest miles (hello A-List!!!), and too many facetime calls, I finally made the move to San Diego in March of 2016. We went from living apart for almost our entire relationship to being roommates. It was the best thing that ever happened to us. I realized why I loved this man so much and how perfect we were for each other. Since then, we have bought a home together, have the best dog in the world, and have traveled the globe. I’m so excited to spend forever with Robert.

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how they asked

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on May 28th, 2018. We took a beautiful train ride to Santa Barbara, CA from San Diego. We splurged to stay at the Ritz Carlton and had the most romantic weekend. I thought it might happen in Santa Barbara but apparently, that weekend was meant to throw me off. Since it didn’t happen on our anniversary, I really thought it wouldn’t be for another couple of months. While we were in Santa Barbara, Robert mentioned that he was going to take me wine tasting the weekend after in Temecula because I planned the SB trip. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite things in the world are Robert, Rocky (our pup), and wine. So I wasn’t super surprised with a wine tasting excursion. I certainly didn’t think I’d be coming home with a ring on my finger.

We drove to Temecula that morning for this wine tour. What was even better is that Robert let me know we would be riding horses from winery to winery! We started by riding to Robert Renzoni and had a great tasting. As we were sitting outside, Robert asked me how angry I would be if he waited another year to propose. “I’d be really pissed” I told him. He just chuckled and we continued on normal conversation. We got back on the horses and rode to Leoness Cellars. Once we had gotten off the horses and said goodbye to our guide, we entered the winery. Robert said we needed to find someone named Jameson and let me know that he had scheduled a private tour for us. Because I am so fascinated by wine and how it is made, I wasn’t shocked by this either. I thought it was a sweet surprise and was ready to learn! We found Jameson at the back of the vineyards in the Barrel Room. He poured us some wine and took us to the area where the grapes are fermented, and then walked us along the vineyards teaching us all about the grapes.

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We then walked to a beautiful spot where weddings are held at Leoness. Jameson said that most people liked this area for photos so he could take a few. I handed him my phone and he started snapping away. I thought we were done but then Robert asked Jameson to take one more. Before I knew it, he was down on his knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. I don’t remember anything he said (apparently it was something along the lines of “Molly Grace, Will you marry me?” and I responded with a “Are you serious right now?” yeah, romantic Molly….) but it was perfect.

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He then took out an engraved letter that he had written with all his thoughts about the day because he knew he wouldn’t remember exactly what to say. I was floored. I was so surprised and happy. Jameson left to go get us some more wine and then took a few more pictures. Leoness was amazing and ordered us an engraved bottle of cab with June 3, 2018 written on it with our names. We immediately decided to join the wine club and make coming back to this special place a tradition. We are both beyond excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

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Special Thanks

Saddle Up Wine Tours
 | The horseback riding wine tour company that led us to Leoness Cellars