Molly and Oliver

how we met

Oliver: Wow, where do I begin. I have been replaying this day and the whole weeks leading up to it in my head over and over. Maybe I start with the very beginning. Molly and I met online (this was really my first time ever trying this). After a wonderful first lunch date I was quite intrigued by this person full of energy and a constant smile on her face. In addition I felt like she and I could have talked for many more hours. We came to find out pretty fast that we have a lot in common, big skiers , swimmers and that we both love to spend much time with friends, family and outside. So with that we decided to go on another date the next night since I was going to Greece for work the day after. Molly and I are convinced that if that second date had not happened we probably would not be where we are today. Over the next months we went back and forth with each other, were not sure where we stood until after long conversation in the spring we decided that we are just going to dive into this together and see where it goes. Over the next months our relationship intensified and I came to realize soon that when you know, you know.

how they asked

Molly: I’m not great at being surprised, and Oliver isn’t great at keeping secrets. So this proposal took me off guard! Oliver and I spent the week driving the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco. It was a wonderful trip. I’m not typically a car person, but honestly (even though this sounds cheesy), being with Oliver, talking with him and joking around with him was perfect. Even though I typically fall asleep in a car, the views were gorgeous and he makes everything fun. We knew our game plan once we arrived in San Francisco was to go to a show that his sister had gotten us tickets for as a Christmas present. Oliver had said a couple times that he knew the venue and that there was a little walk we could take if we got to the venue in time. He wouldn’t tell me what the show was because his sister wanted to keep it a surprise. He made sure that I had packed a dress for the show, but we had been driving all day so we had to change somewhere. That somewhere, due to lack of other options, ended up being a YMCA on the way. I love that I (unknowingly) got ready for my engagement in a YMCA bathroom:)Once we had changed, we drove to Cavallo Point where Oliver pointed to some buildings and told me that’s where the show would be. I thought nothing of it and we went for the walk that Oliver had been mentioning. We looked at the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the many boats on the water (Oliver loves boats, and I like the waves). And that’s when he handed me a card.

Words of affirmation are my love language, and he and I do a lot of writing notes to one another– whether he’s going on a business trip and I leave a bunch in his suitcase, or he writes me one and sticks it to my bathroom mirror for me to find in the morning. In fact, every morning of our PCH trip Oliver wrote me a note so when I woke up I could read it and start the day off feeling loved. So when he handed me the note on our walk, that’s when I finally realized that something was up. As I was reading the note, Oliver got down on one knee and asked me the question that determines our future.

I was surprised, and excited, and so thankful for Oliver’s thoughtfulness, his amazing planning and his love for me and for our future. The best part? The words he used to propose are in the card, so we both can remember exactly what he said forever and ever. Well done, Oliver.

There are so many reasons to love Oliver, but here are just a few…He is so kind. He always things about others especially about me. He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and I’m excited to watch him spread his kindness to others.He is smart. Oliver challenges me in my thinking, encourages me to keep up even more than I already do with current events, and our conversations are in depth– sometimes to the point of arguing:)He is a little bit dorky. I love that about him. He’s goofy and laughs a lot and doesn’t care what people think about him. It makes me feel comfortable being dorky too.He’s driven. He doesn’t give up on anything. He keeps chugging along with whatever his goals are and it always makes me so proud of him, weather it be training for a race, or getting a new client, or building a relationship– he doesn’t give up.

Oliver: Molly posted on her Facebook page a picture of the proposal and wrote: “Oliver proposed to me and I said yes. The easiest decision I ever made”. I can only second that in regards to committing to giving our relationship a chance. In the time up to the proposal I have come to know Molly as caring, compassionate, loving (unconditionally, despite whatever difficult situations there are, she has proven this to me a number of times), kind, always friendly, unselfish, always wanting to help and do what is right, incredibly conversational, engaging and interested in listening to others more than telling her own stories… Ok, so maybe this is the history and the above is only a fraction of why I love and adore Molly, and you wanted to hear about the proposal. After some initial time together at the jewelers I spent one cold weekday afternoon alone there and picked out what would be the final stone. This was early December and I knew at that time that I was planning on doing this “one knee thing” in San Francisco. I kept the ring hidden in my house until I departed for China on Jan 8. I was going there for work and this ring was burning a hole in my work bag. I can not tell you how often I looked in it, double checked, changed the codes on the safe in the hotel. Finally the ring and I arrived on Jan 13 in LAX and we spent that weekend with Molly’s sister and young children. It was such a great weekend , Molly is absolutely wonderful with kids and every one of them loves her. It makes me want to have a family with her yesterday… As Molly said I spent mornings giving her notes there and up the PCH, maybe not the most uncommon but to do it every day was not the usual, but I had to keep the “show” running. My intention was that she would think nothing of it when I hand her a note on Thursday afternoon at Cavallo Point. However, as she mentioned to me after the proposal she knew something was up when I did just that. Oops. If I can pat myself on the back though, it was perfect My handwriting is not the best, but it was pretty good on this card and standing there and reading it with her made it very fun and a bit easier for me, because trust me , when I got down one one knee my forehead had some sweat beads on it and I could only splurt out “will you marry me”. Now she has a card forever to remind her of that day and to read over and over what I truly think of her.

Back to the lead up to the proposal: as we were driving up the PCH I think I told her every day 10 times that I love her. So much so , that finally on Thursday morning when I told her I love her, she looked at me and said, “I know, you have been telling me that all week, I get it.” Well,I was just testing the waters… I mean I knew where we were in our feelings and love for each other but heck, this is not something to take lightly! I was equally testing things in other ways that week to make sure I know she would say yes. So for example, I may not have always been on my best behavior at breakfast , or in other moments. Although of course I was stellar every other part of the day and made sure we didn’t fight once (we hardly do anyway, but still). I may have brought up the topic of marriage and kids 1000 times that week as well… Another thing that was maybe not uncommon but a bit more than usual is that I put all my faith in good karma for that week. I said hello to everyone that passed us, I opened doors for strangers (I mean I often do that anyway, but this week trust me I made a point out of it), made sure I spent enough time with her family. Maybe things we should be doing every day anyway but this time I was not ready to leave anything to coincidence.

Which brings me to the weather: Molly had already mentioned it, I was obsessed. And good thing I had the “white lie” with my sister about the show otherwise me looking at the weather app every 10min for the entire week would have led Molly to thinking I am OCD and she needs to rethink this whole thing. But as you know we had an incredible window at the perfect time. It should also be mentioned that Molly told me afterwards that she had thought at a few of the nice sunsets we had in the week that I might pull out a ring then (and trust me, on more than one occasion I was going to run back to the car and do just that but I controlled myself!)

My favorite part of the proposal was when she said yes! How can you top that or write anything else? But sure there were some other parts: Changing in the YMCA: that was just purely hilarious. I remember thinking to myself, once I had the new clothes donned, “Wow, I am really doing this, ahhhhhh, I want to call someone right now!” Reading the card with her on the walkway at the breakwater. It was a funny card, and interestingly enough I had made a mistake since I had not read the inside. The outside said “surprise” and the inside said something along the lines of happy birthday, which I crossed out and changed to happy engagement. That is when I told her to please look at me and got down on one knee!

A week later and I still feel like I am riding on top of the world. It is mine. I own it. And only because Molly is so incredibly wonderful and great to me and deserves someone who will love her every single day and treat her how she treats others. I know Molly does not like surprises much and especially not if other people are around so I am very happy that I was able to “craft” a delicate , quiet surprise. That then turned into a bang afterwards!

Special Thanks

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