Molly and Mark

How We Met

We had a mutual friend in New York City and after a few weeks of back and forth, we were able to find a night to grab a drink. Of course it was freezing and started to snow, but with our crazy schedules, we both agreed to meet at a wine bar in midtown. I’ll never forget him ordering a cup of hot tea with bourbon and I thought to myself – “Omg – my dad would love this guy”.

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how they asked

I hadn’t been back to London in 10 years, and he knew it was my favorite city in the world. He surprised me two weeks before for my 30th birthday with a trip back over Memorial Day Weekend. We took a redeye over so after exploring a bit, he took a 3 hour nap, completely eliminating any possible ideas from my mind. On a whim he decided that since it was so sunny (which as we all know can be rare for London), that we should go down to the South Bank for drinks before dinner.

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Of course, what I thought was last minute, was all part of his master plan. He had been working with photographer to get me to the perfect spot, so Jackie our photographer could document the entire thing. After a failed attempt at a selfie with the sun behind us, a nice women asked if we wanted her to take our picture to capture the lighting.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Loondon

Turns out the entire thing was a setup and safe to say the rest was magic!

Special Thanks

Jackie King