Molly and Marcus

How We Met

We are originally from the same small hometown where everybody knows everybody, but we didn’t get to know each other until a little over a year and a half ago. I thought he was super cute and actually reached out to him first. We became friends, but we still hadn’t met in person because I was living in Dallas and he was living in Manhattan. So friends it was. After 5 or so months, we were both going to be in Atlanta and decided to finally meet up! And the rest is history! *wink*

how they asked

A few months ago, Marcus and I both moved to Savannah, Georgia for several reasons. First of all, we wanted to be together after being in a long distance relationship for a year. Secondly, we love this city. And finally, we wanted to be closer to family again. The week before our anniversary, Marcus told me he was making reservations at The Olde Pink House (a restaurant here) and he was going to take me to dinner to celebrate. I was excited because I hadn’t been before, plus he said we would get dressed up since it was a special occasion. The days leading up to our date night, I started to get suspicious and wondered if Marcus was going to propose that night. I quickly dismissed these suspicions because I thought, “Well he hasn’t even had an opportunity to talk to my dad yet. So I know he won’t do it until he talks to him.” I found out afterwards that Marcus actually talked to my dad 6 months before he proposed!

Marcus had a car service come pick us up to take us to dinner. Right when we get in the car, the driver says – “So we’re going to the Armstrong House?” At this point, I still am not familiar with Savannah geography. So I just assume Marcus told him the closest “landmark” because it would be easier to get there that way. Little did I know, The Olde Pink House is a 20 minute walk from the Armstrong House. So why would the driver drop us off there, right? We reach our destination and start to walk through Forsyth Park toward the park’s iconic fountain. Marcus is oddly quiet and I’m cluelessly looking around, trying to see where the Pink House is. I finally ask, “Where are we going?” and Marcus didn’t say a word. Seconds pass and he turns toward me and says, “Before we go, there is something I wanted to ask you…”. Then he drops on one knee and asked me those 2 magical words. Only two words instead of four because before he could finish the question I exclaimed, “YES!”. Then followed all the excitement and the feeling of us being the only two people in the world. Moments later, Marcus points out that he hired a secret photographer to capture this moment for us! She did a phenomenal job of capturing all the emotion and joy that we felt! After taking some posed photos with Wendy, Marcus admitted that he didn’t actually make reservations at the Pink House. We were actually going to walk across the park and dine at the oh so wonderful 700 Drayton, which is the restaurant inside the Mansion on Forsyth Park. He planned the whole night perfectly and it couldn’t have gone any better!!

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