Molly and Luis

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How We Met

November 28, 2015, I was hanging out with a friend of mine. Her and her husband decided they wanted to go out to a few bars. I was hesitant because I wanted to stay home, but decided to anyway. They said that their friend, Bo, (our now videographer), is friends with the bartender and he can get us cheap drinks. So that definitely helped with getting me out of the house!

We got to On The Border, and I saw the Luis, who was the (extremely hot) bartender. I asked if they had any raspberry margaritas since they’re my favorite and he said “no, but I’ll make you one”. It was delicious.

I ended up having a few too many, along with some shots, and asked Bo to tell his “cute friend” to meet us at a different bar when he was finished with work. We got to the other bar, waited about an hour, Luis never showed. My friend, her husband, and I left because it was getting pretty late. Turns out Luis got there literally 5 minutes after I left.

The next weekend, I texted my friend to see if her and her husband wanted to go to On The Border to see the cute bartender. Luckily, he was there. I wanted to leave him my number but my friend’s husband kept saying “he’s really busy, plus he probably gets girl’s numbers all the time”. So I didn’t. We flirted a little, and I left.

Turns out after I left, he was looking at all the napkins to see if I wrote my number on them, but I obviously didn’t. The next day, I found him on Facebook and decided to take a risk and hit “add friend”. He didn’t accept my request until the next day when I was at work!

I decided to just go for it and sent him a message saying “Hey! Not sure if you remember me, but I’m the girl who you made the raspberry margaritas for!” He said “of course!”. We then talked all day, and he asked when I was coming into OTB again to visit him. I went in that night, and we’ve been talking ever since.

December 18, 2015 he asked me to be his girlfriend, and December 28, 2016, he asked me to be his wife.

how they asked

Luis and I moved really quickly because we just clicked. I was living with two of my best friends at the time, and he moved in with us after about a month of dating (yes mom & dad, I lied). We adopted a puppy shortly thereafter (you never really know someone until you raise a dog with them), and a few months later when my lease was up, Luis and I got a place of our own. We talked about marriage all the time and we both knew we were meant to be together.

Our one year anniversary was approaching, so I had a feeling he was going to propose, but I was trying to not get my hopes up obviously. We made dinner reservations at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore for 5:00 that night.

He kept saying he wanted to go Pokémon hunting (something we do often), around the harbor before dinner. We got to the harbor and it was FREEEEEEZING and windy. So I said “Babe, why don’t we just go to the restaurant?” His phone died anyway so we couldn’t “Pokémon hunt”, but he was still adamant about walking around.

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That’s when I knew something was up. We walked up to the ice rink right outside of the restaurant and he grabbed me, started saying “You know you’re my best friend, right?” and the rest is a complete blur.

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All of a sudden, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I said “yes of course!” and looked up and saw our friend Bo recording the entire thing. Turns out Luis had a microphone in his jacket, too.

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Obviously, I’m really happy that we ended up not Pokémon hunting that night. Words cannot express how much I love this man, and how excited I am to plan our future together!

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Special Thanks

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