Molly and Kyle

How we met

We were both students at Colorado State University and we both went to the local gym, Wild Horizons CrossFit. I had just finished cheerleading and I wanted to find someone to stunt me. Everyone pointed to Kyle as the guy to-go-to and said that he would totally be down. It started as business, we would meet up weekly to practice and throw around some stunts. We ended up liking each other and went on our first date on Valentine’s Day. We fell for each other hard and became official a little after that. We’ve been together for 4 years.

how they asked

On President’s Day Weekend (2017) Kyle had a romantic plan to ask me at the top of Squaw Valley Mountain in Lake Tahoe, CA. But sadly, everything that could have gone wrong that day, did.
First, I got really sick the night before. So sick, that I was considering not even going to ski that day. Kyle was so sweet and did everything he could to help me feel better. Next, my binding broke at the top of the mountain on the very first run no less. So Kyle and his father helped me “jimmy-rig” the board and I proceeded to board the whole day with my boot tied to my binding via the shoe-lace. It actually worked quite well haha. Lastly, a huge storm rolled in that morning. This was problematic because Kyle had hired a photographer and flown my parents in to witness the proposal, at the top of the mountain, at day’s end. After a few runs, Kyle decided to call “an audible” as he says. Since the visibility was no more than 20 feet, he realized it wouldn’t be possible for the photographer or my parents to witness the event.

Kyle and his father had to call the photographer and Jacki (who was bringing my parents to the mountain) and explain the situation. The current plan was no good and they decided to wait to do it at our dinner location (where a secret engagement party awaited me).

When we got to the restaurant, he kept asking me to go out to the dock for some nice photos. I refused because I was cold and didn’t want to climb over the giant snow mound. Although it was nothing as he had planned and I wasn’t being very compliant, he decided to ask me, right there, on the patio porch of the restaurant, in front of everybody.

Side-note: Kyle had proposed to me every single day for over a year because he thought it was funny. And I would always laugh, explaining that when there’s a ring I will actually believe you.

So when it came time for him to propose, I just figured he was joking again. I had absolutely zero idea he was being serious. So when he got down on his knee in front of the restaurant, I laughed as usual and just told him,”to stand up!” It wasn’t until his eyes starting watering and he was fidgeting with his pocket that I realized he was actually proposing, for real this time. And, oh my gosh, I just remember,”He’s really doing it!!” It was magical, perfect, and romantic as one could have ever imagined. Jacki planned a lovely engagement celebration with the whole family. I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since!

Special Thanks