Molly and Kip

How We Met

We were introduced to one another in June of 2014, I (Kip) thought she was beautiful but because she was in school and in a relationship I decided not to pursue. Fast forward 3 months, Molly is talking to my colleague and I, she tells us that she is no longer in a relationship :). A few nights later I am at a award ceremony and Molly wins an award, I sent her a text to congratulate her, not only to congratulate her but I realized that she was too good to pass up and I had to least see if there was mutual interest. Flirty text messages between the two of us follow suit, a few nights later she escalates things and picks me up to talk in her car or as she calls it “make sure you were real”. I am taking her cheerwine floats while she studies and chocolate chip cookies at work. It’s Halloween and I have decided that the cardinal rule must be broken, this girl is perfect and perfect for me. Things become more serious and on January 1st things became official.

how they asked

Kip and I met in Raleigh and shortly after began a long-distance relationship when I moved to South Carolina for graduate school and he continued traveling for work. It had been almost two years since we were back in Raleigh together, so for New Year’s Eve this year we planned a trip. Kip told me his parents would also be in Raleigh because they were looking to move there. When I got to our hotel Kip told me we were going to meet his parents for dinner. We got in the car and he started driving towards NC State and said we would meet his parents there. I graduated from NC State in 2015 and still remember facts and history about campus from when I was involved on campus. When we got there, he asked if I wanted to go on a walk while we waited for his parents to meet us.

He asked me to tell him about the history of the Memorial Belltower on campus, and while I was rattling off facts he pulled a letter out of his jacket pocket. It said “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.”

When I finished reading, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Our photographer came running around the corner and Kip pointed to a rooftop bar across the street to both of our families.

Later that night, Kip also planned a party with all of our friends close by. NC State, the belltower, our families, and his great grandmothers ring. It was all more than I could have imagined.

Special Thanks

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