Molly and Killian

Proposal Ideas Switzerland

How We Met

I am a travel blogger and has just moved from Chicago to Nashville. I had only lived in Nashville a few weeks, so I was out on Broadway with some other bloggers trying to meet new friends and we ended up at the Famous Tootsies. Immediately when we walked in, I locked eyes with a cute guy at the bar and he asked if he could buy me a drink. Of course I said yes, and I soon found out that he was a pilot for Alaska Air and was in Nashville on an overnight for work. My friend looked at us and laughed and said “a travel blogger and a pilot? This is a match made in heaven…” 1 week later he flew back to see me and 3 weeks later, I spontaneously hopped on a flight to Switzerland for our 2nd date, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

1 year after we had taken a spontaneous Switzerland trip together, we decided to plan a trip back to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We both love to travel and both LOVE Switzerland… its hands down our favorite country in the world. We explored many different towns this time, but went back to a very special place that we had gone to the year before— Lucerne, Switzerland. One day we took a Gondola to the top of a mountain to see these amazinggg views… turns out the weather did not cooperate and clouds covered up the amazing views haha but he proposed any way, above the clouds and it immediately started snowing! Was actually so perfect and romantic, as we were the only ones up there!