Molly and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met at the beginning of 8th grade in our history class. We were paired together for a project so obviously we ended up spending a lot of time together. We became best friends very quickly as most of my friends I had made in the prior years ended up being in different clusters so I never got to see them during the day. Kevin and I spent most of our days talking through AIM (boy do I feel old) and riding the bus together as his mom was the bus driver for our route. We both had seen a few people before we realized that our feelings for one another was more than just friends. The funny part about our story that we still joke about today is that I “picked” Kevin last because I waited so long to say yes to being his girlfriend. We were inseparable even before we started dating and people always told us we wouldn’t last. Well, to all those people that kept saying that, they were wrong. We celebrated our 11 year anniversary 2 weeks ago! The first photo is us at Kevin’s high school graduation in 2011 and the second photo is us this year in October.

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how they asked

In April of 2016 Kevin and I sat down together to plan a trip for our 10 year anniversary that would be in December. We both were drawn to London and Paris so we decided that would be a perfect trip to celebrate being together. Kevin did all the planning and booking for everything as he did so much research to make it the most unforgettable trip. Little did I know what he was planning ahead of time. We left Boston on December 13th and flew to Heathrow airport in London and then had to make a 2.5 hour train ride to Paris. Traveling was exhausting but stepping out of our cab for the first time at our hotel was amazing. The Eiffel Tower was right there! Our anniversary is the 15th of December so we had a day to figure out what exactly we wanted to do as we had left it open to see what we felt like doing. Being in Paris alone was enough for us! Since our timing for going there was close to the holidays there was plenty to do around the Eiffel Tower. Our dinner plans fell through at the restaurant inside the Tower due to it being closed so we made the best of it. We took an evening stroll through the Christmas market and then into the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up. Kevin of course was acting out of the ordinary so I had a feeling something was coming. As we were walking back to our hotel Kevin stopped to tie his shoe (this part of the story always makes us laugh because his shoes are constantly coming untied). I was staring up admiring the Eiffel Tower when I realized he was taking far too long tying his shoe and looked down to him already on one knee with the ring box open. I couldn’t help but start crying because it was just the perfect moment being there with my best friend in the most romantic city. We celebrated by Face timing everyone back home and then having the best meal at this restaurant called Cafe Panis right across from the Notre-Dame Cathedral! It was by far the most memorable trip and anniversary ever!