Molly and Kenneth

How We Met

I met Ken back in 2010 in the small town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Torrential downpour left me stranded at a movie theatre a few miles away from campus. I called upon a friend to get me home safe (and dry). Little did I know, in the passenger seat of my friend’s car a knight in shining armor in his own right sat patiently along for the ride and ready to change the trajectory of my life. Later that evening we bonded over music and beer funnels, and from that point forward we were inseparable…

Where to Propose in Villa Pamphilli

how they asked

After spending three unforgettable weeks in Cambodia together in 2017 exploring my origins, Ken decided he’d like to return the favor and show me around Italy. I spent seven years listening to stories of his six months studying in Rome and it was absolutely magical seeing all of these places come to life. After seven days in Rome we were prepared to move on to our next destination in Italy, but not before Ken showed me the last few hidden gems of Rome.

Proposal Ideas Villa Pamphilli

That day we found his favorite old doner kebab shop in Trastevere and we walked up a never-ending hill to Villa Pamphili. With our shirts soaked and my makeup beginning to run, Ken led me into a grotto beneath a waterfall. Moments later, he got down on one knee – although I couldn’t make anything out through my own sobbing – I knew my answer was “yes!”.

Molly and Kenneth's Engagement in Villa Pamphilli