Molly and Joshua

Molly and Joshua's Engagement in Omaha, NE

How We Met


Our love story is 7 years in the making. And so worth the wait.

We met on a whim through a mutual friend, out on a boat at a lake house outside of Omaha, NE.

Each of us almost didn’t go that day. Thank goodness we did!

My ride wanted to leave abruptly after we finally connected eyes, so I didn’t even know his full name!

After I left, I went online to find the invitee list for the lake party and I found him based on his photo.

Yes, I messaged him right away and we clicked. He is a musician, and I am a photographer and blogger.

We had a creative connection & ‘talked’ online a few times then met for our first date, which lasted wayyy longer than we’d expected.

He asked me to ‘be official’ on June 1, just a month later. (Yes, people still did that 7 years ago haha!)

Six months after we started dating, he moved to Los Angeles to go to Musician’s Institute for Audio Engineering for a 1 year program.

Luckily, at that time, I was a travel photojournalist for a newsletter company and they gave me two accounts in LA.

I visited once a month, and we kept growing our relationship.

We’re both from families with divorced parents, and we knew we didn’t want to let that happen to us so we took our time to get to where we are now.

Everyone has a different story and timeline – we moved at our own pace, making sure that marriage was absolutely the right step for us.

Although we’ve known for a while that it IS the right thing for us, we were patient to get a few ducks in a row before making a forever commitment.

We’re overly mushy gushy with one another –
we’re completely open and honest at all times –
we’ve never raised our voices or called each other names –
we believe communication and unconditional love keeps us on such a beautiful journey together…

Still head over heels after 7 years.

how they asked

My sister, Abby, who you’ll see below, carried out tiny fibs very well – so well that I didn’t expect anything on this day.

She’d texted me asking me to go to her co-workers jewelry/tea party.
I responded with, “A sales party???”

She said, “No, we all just bring our own jewelry that we don’t want anymore – and then exchange with each other so it’s like we went shopping. Most of them are moms so they don’t get a lot of time with friends. Mimosas are involved.”

This changed my mind because I had a bag of 30 pieces of jewelry ready to donate.

She then said, “I’m going to wear open-toed shoes so I need to get a pedi, figured we could go together before. I’ll probably get my nails done too. Want to go with me?”

“Yes, I’ll get a pedi, but I’ll just go the day before to get my nails done.”

“You know you probably won’t keep your nails on that long, just go with me.”
(Sidenote: I always ruin them right away so I just agreed that she’s right and laughed it off.)

Looking back now, it’s funny because my nail artist for the last few years asks me every time I get my nails done if my boyfriend has proposed yet.

This time around, I sighed and said, “Not yet, I think he’s waiting for my 30th birthday trip to Colorado next month.”

He said, “He needs to hurry it up and put a ring on it!”

Abby was sitting there laughing along with me – but she knew how far off my guess was!

As we were packing up to head to the ‘jewelry party’, she said, “Shoot, I have to drop off these new pool floaties to dad’s house before his pool party today, but it’s on the way.”
I didn’t think twice about it.

She said, “Diana (my stepmom) just texted and said they got a new arbor in the backyard and we should just go peek at it quick. Put your shoes on.”

I complained, “Nooooo, I’ll just wear these (bright yellow toe dividers and pedicure flip-flops) – and she said, “NO. Just put your shoes on so you don’t step on anything.”

I stepped out of the car and headed on the trek to the rose garden in the back corner of the yard…
and there he was, looking like a king in his suit (even though it was 90 degrees outside!)… surrounded by family…

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I stopped in my tracks- and when I saw his tears streaming, I knew this was it.

My sister grabbed her camera and snapped the action so I could later edit them. Something I’ll forever be grateful for!


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#1 TIP FOR THOSE WHO ARE PLANNING TO PROPOSE: Designate or hire a photographer to capture the moment!

Following the proposal, he planned a family brunch & pool party!

(WITH MIMOSAS – so Abby wasn’t fibbing about those and come to think of it, she wasn’t fibbing about it being a JEWELRY PARTY & a POOL PARTY either!!!)
Fruit bowl, quiches, breakfast scramble… all AMAZING!

We are getting married June 2, 2018!

Special Thanks

Abby Byrd