Molly and John

How We Met: I moved to North Carolina in June of 2009 and when I moved here, I didn’t know many people, I didn’t have a job, I only knew the person I was currently dating. I was performing comedy at a local theater and we had a comedy segment on the morning show of the local radio station and I was an anchor, voiceover, and writer for that. John was in sales at the station – so when I would come in to record, go live, and whatnot, I would see him. So, you could say we were acquaintances.

A few months went by and I still was only working part time jobs until a position opened up at the radio station and I jumped at the chance. Once I started working at the radio station, John and I quickly became friends because our desks were near each other in the office. A few days after I started my job at the radio station the guy I was dating at the time and I broke up.

This was the point in time I started deciding to focus more on my career, what I wanted in life, professional and personal goals etc.

Over the next few months, John and I got to know each other and I thought he was really funny, but thought, oh you know, he’s John. The guy with the deep radio voice. Who loves Carolina sports.

Then suddenly, one day in the office, about seven months after I started working there, John said something to me and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I thought – oh man, I like this guy. Now, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I thought he was cute. Super cute.

So I kind of made it my mission to find a way to hang out outside of work. When one day on the way to work I heard on the radio that there were $10 lawn seats available that day only for the upcoming Toby Keith concert. Being the country music lover I am, and the fact that I knew John was a good southern boy I thought BOOM! this is my chance. So, needless to say, we ended up going to the Toby Keith concert together… along with 8 of his other guy friends. We had such a blast dancing to the music, eating Bojangles in the parking lot before hand, and just getting to know each other, that after that night, we were pretty much inseparable. The more I got to know him and the more I prayed about our relationship, the more I realized that God brought me to North Carolina for a reason – and that reason was to meet John. We started attending our church together, I met his family, he met mine, and we both quickly knew that this was for real.

how they asked:

So, we had definitely talked a lot about marriage a couple of months into our relationship. Cause you know, when you know, you just know. But he had done a VERY good job of convincing me that we probably wouldn’t be getting engaged until December or January of 2011/2012. Our one-year anniversary (the night we went to Toby Keith) was July 10th and so that night we went out to a nice dinner, went for a walk around town, exchanged gifts, and just relaxed. That was a Sunday.

Monday afternoon (July 11th), he asked me if I would be in early on Tuesday morning. I was always in early because I did a live segment in the 7:30am hour talking about what was new on our website, things happening around town, yada yada. I said yes, why?

He said Ken from the local jeweler (one of his clients) had to come in early to record some new commercials and needed my voice. I thought that was strange but oh well.

Tuesday morning I get into work, get into the studio to get ready to do my segment, and I saw John and Ken in the production studio that was adjacent to the live-studio. I start doing my thing and suddenly Patti, the wife of the UNC Chapel Hill chancellor (and also good friend of mine) runs into the studio and interrupts me.

The next 10 minutes are a blur, but eventually Ken and Patti were next to me on the microphones doing a spiel about an upcoming wedding and wanted to know if the bride had said yes. Then Patti tells me to turn around and in the production studio behind me was John holding a sign saying “Go To The Courthouse With Me?” I immediately started crying, he walked into the on air studio, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

It was a total surprise – to everyone – including our morning show host and all the staff at the radio station. Only John, Ken, and Patti were in on it. He even had my dad, sister, and his parents listening from home the whole time.

God brought us together and God has only made our relationship stronger. I can’t wait for even more surprises to come throughout the rest of our lives.


Photography by Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer Katelyn James.