Molly and Jesse

How We Met

Jesse was the first person I met on the elevator as I moved into my dorm room on the first day of college! We became good friends very quickly, as we had many classes together throughout our college careers. I always admired his love for his family and for the Lord, but it wasn’t till spring semester of our sophomore year and when Jesse broke his jaw playing football when we began our relationship. During our first 3 months of being together, Jesse could not speak out loud, only quietly through his teeth because his jaw was wired shut. He asked my parents if he could “court me”, with the intent of someday becoming my husband because he said he knew early on that he was excited about his future with me. Needless to say, our beginning was unique (and quiet), but was a beautiful start to a joy-filled and wonderful forever with my best friend!

how they asked

Jesse and I had been together for a little under a year when his secret plan began. We had talked about getting married after we graduated college, which meant getting engaged the summer before. Unknown to me, Jesse had talked to my parents around the beginning of March, asking for my hand in marriage. Being an only girl with 4 brothers, Jesse also knew asking for their permission was also required, so he called each of them, explaining why he wanted to marry me and each brother was excited and gave him advice (because one is married and 2 are getting married in the next year as well). I had already guided him on the ring I wanted, so his sister began to create the ring after spring break. Jesse usually works on Saturdays, so to get a free Saturday night off was a special treat for me! A few weeks the big day, he said that he wasn’t working the Saturday before Easter and that he wanted to take me out on a date!

Little did I know that this would turn out to be the best day of my life! Because Jesse had made it clear that an engagement would not be happening until the summer, I was completely oblivious of the fact that I could possibly be getting engaged. I actually cleaned the house and helped make food for my OWN engagement party and I was still totally unaware. As I was getting dressed, my mom made advised me to look nice and even gave me a dress to wear for that night (again, I didn’t suspect a thing). Jesse and I went to California Pizza Kitchen (my favorite!!) for dinner and later I come to find out that he was trying to stall the entire time because we had to leave my house early so my parents could set up for the engagement party (and I look back and ask myself how I was so oblivious?!). After dinner, we checked the movie times and Jesse says that he wants to take me somewhere for a quick surprise and then get back to see the movie (which I was very excited to see). We drive closer to my house and stop at Hurley Gardens, which is a small, beautiful, white pergola garden.

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I love gardens, so I was excited to walk around! Jesse stopped the car and handed me a note, which the first line read, “Happy 10 month anniversary!” I had totally forgotten that we had been together for 10 months, so I thought this was a very sweet gesture for our anniversary, as we try to write a little note or spend time together on each of our anniversaries. I finish reading the note, Jesse says that we should walk around the garden and then he proceeds to take his coat off (even though it was 45 degrees), so I ask if I should as well, but decided against it, as I was already cold! We walked towards the garden and looked down the brick path towards the beautiful, white pergola and immediately, I see a photographer and a sign that says, “This way to the rest of your life” and I immediately freeze, start weeping and crumple in a little ball.

I immediately run back to the car to take off my coat (while still weeping) and then come back to walk down the path with my future husband. Jesse got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Standing next to the love of my life, I answered the easiest question in the world with a loud “YES”!

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