Molly and Jesse

How We Met

Jesse and I had known each other pretty much all our lives. He is a couple of years younger than me but I went all through grade school having mutual friends with his brother. Growing up Jesse was a short, chubby boy whom I loved to embarrass telling him that, “you are the cutest boy I’ve ever seen” or even just saying, “hi Jesse” would make him blush and run away from me. Jokes on me right!?

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our home in MA

We didn’t see each other for a couple years before we reconnected in 2012. It was an awful year for both of us, Jesse’s father lost a long battle to pancreatic cancer and I had a bad series of events which caused me to have to move back in with my parents, while trying to put myself through college and work two jobs. When I had some car trouble I was out of money and hope. That’s when a mutual friend of mine told me he would call up Jesse to take a look. I was already pretty excited since I haven’t seen him in years.

I got to his garage and the boy I used to tease now towered over me in height and was a huge brat by offering me $500 for my piece of junk! We couldn’t help but laugh together because he was so right about calling my vehicle a piece of junk. I really can’t explain what clicked into place that night but we were inseparable from that moment. Now, almost 7 years later we have grown a life together, we have a house, two dogs, jobs that we had always hoped for, and we are getting married December 7, 2019!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our home in MA

How They Asked

I had my suspicions that a ring was in my near future and Jesse knows me well enough to know that I figure everything out. Not because I want to figure everything out but because I am cursed with a over analyzing mind. I knew that he was designing a ring but I had no idea that he already had the ring, in our house, for so long! Waiting to finally catch me off guard. It was October and anyone knows that fall in New England is beautiful.

That weekend we went for drives to look at foliage, apple picking, went through a huge corn maze, all kinds of fall activities and by the end of the weekend I was a little surprised that it didn’t happen. Monday morning we both had the day off for Columbus Day, he woke me up to get breakfast so we could get a start on our day, in my mind, this was it! Finished breakfast and then we went home to do housework, I guess it isn’t it. I was in the middle of doing mounds of laundry while Jesse was oddly quiet watching me, I stood up and went to light a candle and when I turned around he was down on one knee telling me he loves me and asking me to marry him, I was so shocked! I think I ugly cried for 5 minutes as he asked me over and over, “is that a yes” and I yelled, “shut up, obviously!” And now I get to marry my best friend ever.