Molly and Jackson

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Galway, Ireland

How We Met

Jackson and I met on the very first day of classes our freshman year of college. After meeting, it was as if I saw him everywhere. He and I both ended up attending the same church, volunteering at the same ministry, and hanging out with a lot of the same people. At first neither of us were interested in more than a friendship. We became really close friends and eventually after hanging out one night (which neither of us would have considered a date at the time) we realized we were both very interested. We started dating as friends, and I’m forever thankful for his friendship throughout our relationship.

how they asked

I was studying abroad in Galway, Ireland and Jackson and I were accustomed to FaceTime calls and missing each other. Two weeks before I came back to America, Jackson had planned a surprise proposal. I wasn’t expecting it at all. On a Friday afternoon, I got off of work and my roommate asked if I wanted to go out for coffee. It was a gorgeous and sunny day in Galway, and I was eager to go back to America and thankful it was the weekend. When I walked into the coffee shop I turned and saw Jackson standing there. I couldn’t believe it. I was immediately in his arms but I was completely shocked. All I remember saying is, “What are you doing here!?” He smiled and hugged me and kissed me and said, “Surprising you!” The coffeeshop also had an art gallery upstairs, and at some point he led me up there. I still hadn’t realized he was proposing but thought it was just a surprise visit. In the gallery room, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a framed photo of us. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Galway, Ireland

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