Molly and Forrest

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How We Met

Forrest and I met the summer of 2012. Me and some of my close friends were throwing a car wash fundraiser for a friend. That day was so sunny, and beautiful I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was washing cars with my sister Hannah when Forrest pulled up in his red fold escape I remember smiling at him and thinking he was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I giggled with my sister saying I wanted to wash his car.

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Once Forrest got out of his car I remember locking eyes with him. It took awhile for him to come say hello, even though I could see him staring at me. Once he said hello the flirting started! I was washing his car when he came over and dumped a bucket of soapy water on me! Ah I was so mad my hair was wet, but so happy he did it. We talked that whole day and when he left he winked at me and I new I was going to have him and later that night he slid into my DM’s ?

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how they asked

We went to Massanutten for a snowboarding trip,I have never had that much fun before even though the first day I spent most of it on my butt. Friday night, we decided to go out to dinner. Forrest wanted to go somewhere nice! I had no idea why he wanted to go somewhere nice because I would be happy with just hanging out in my pjs. But he wanted too so we did, we drove an hour to the melting pot, it was so delicious! There was a red rose waiting for me on the table when we got there, I smiled because I love flowers. I asked him why he was being so sweet and he said “just because I love you” . I should have caught on from there but I didn’t. I was clueless! We ate our dinner, smiled at each other like we just started dating. That’s how it is with us. And I love it. We left dinner and heading back to the cottage we were staying in, I told him I had to use the bathroom and he said he come see him when I was done.

So when I got out he was waiting for me on the couch and he told me “I wrote you something” I thought to myself how did I get someone so sweet, I’m so lucky. I went over to him and stood beside him as he read this love story he wrote. At one point he started to shake and I could tell in his voice he was nervous. Then he told me to sit down, we have this thing that we leave love notes in each others phones we have done it for over four years, he opened my phone and said he put a note in my phone that was going to outdo all the rest. And the note read ” on December 3, 2012 , I made you a promise that I sealed with a ring (my promise ring), and now, over four years later I’m fulfilling that promise.

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Molly Elizabeth Childress, will you marry me” my eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t believe what he just asked. I was surrounded by his love, I was drowning in it. I felt my heart racing. I stood up and grabbed him. I just wanted to hold him. After I took a deep breath I said “yes I will marry you”. We spent the rest of the night high on each other Iv never felt that way before. Like your light headed and crazy stupid in love.

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