Molly and David

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How we met

Molly and I met in the most romantic way possible, Christian Mingle. While I had been on many online dates before, Molly was the first girl I ever met from Christian Mingle. Funny enough, I should have never really met her. I set my max age at 29 and Molly was 30. I guess that’s a bug in the Christian Mingle software that I won’t be complaining about. Molly also lives in Hudsonville, MI and I live in Waukesha, WI. That’s 300 miles apart – a horrible drive through Chicago – but I knew if it was the right girl we’d find a way to make it work.

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After a few email exchanges we decided to meet for dinner one night in her hometown. I wish I could say it was “love at first sight” but it wasn’t. She was a pretty girl, and she seemed kind, but I honestly felt like she wasn’t into me. So I walked out, thanked her for the date, and said, “well, I’m going to head back now, I can tell you aren’t that into me…” and to my surprise she apologized for making me feel that way and said that wasn’t how she was feeling at all. So we went on a walk, got to know one another a little better, and called it a night. 30 min on my way home to Wisconsin I got a text encouraging me to stay for one more date the next day. It turns out Molly had talked to her Mom, and her Mom had encouraged her to “give the guy that drove all the way from Wisconsin another date,” thanks Charnelle!

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Over the next few months I gave everything I had to Molly. At first, she didn’t give me much in return (she’s very shy, and slow to commit), but for some reason I felt like she the one I was meant to be with, so I didn’t care. I guess you could say I saw how loving she was to everyone else, and I knew if she someday fell in love with me, she would be an amazing wife. A few months into our relationship Molly completely changed. She told me “I love you” first. She started visiting me frequently in Wisconsin. She listened to my long tangents about nothing. She apologized even when I was to blame. She showed love to me day in and day out. It was like a light switched changed in her head and she decided I was the one for her. 8 months into dating Molly, I knew I was going to ask her to marry me.

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how they asked

For 3 months I had been working on a video for Molly which is how I was planning to propose. The final piece of my plan was to wait till she left her house on a vacation, hide out in her house the day she returned, and call her on the phone pretending like I was in Wisconsin while she was driving back from the airport.

My goal was to capture the audio/video reaction when she goes from thinking I’m 300 miles away to realizing I’m 10 feet away from her. The plan worked as expected, she loved the video, she loved the decorated house, and she said, “Yes!” Everything was captured on 3 cameras and my phone audio. Enjoy!

Our Video

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