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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

How They Asked

My Girlfriend Molly and I had planned a trip to Europe for well over a year. She had never been to Europe so I was so excited for us both to spend what was planned to be almost two weeks. Two days in London and about a week and a half in Paris, with a day and night in Versailles. She is a redheaded Leo, and almost impossible to pull one over on. I had always wanted my proposal to be at least somewhat of a surprise, and it had been the hardest kept secret of my life! Her friends knew, my family knew, and her family knew, but she did not.

As the excitement built, and word got around, we were pretty wine drunk late night at a bar in Paris and she got a text saying “Congratulations you two! So excited for you both.” I thought my cover had been blown, so I immediately got on group chat with her best friends and sister and they were like “You need to do it ASAP!” They didn’t have to tell me twice, I was nervous but super eager. Anyway, her sister covered for me and I even said something along the lines of “Well I’m gonna feel weird if your entire family thinks we are getting engaged this trip” and you could see the excitement drain from her face which I hated. The following day, we walked to the Louvre, one of my favorite places on earth, and had to wear a big jacket so she didn’t notice a HUGE box in my back left pocket.

I knew I needed to find a woman to ask to take a photo, eyed someone and said: “Just take as many photos as you can please.” Luckily for us both the woman who took the photos absolutely crushed it and even had the wherewith-all to switch to video!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

The proposal went as good as we both could have dreamed and we immediately needed some champagne to celebrate and wash away the jitters. Crazy thing is, two days later the Europe Ban was announced, and the Louvre was closed. We spent the next 36 hours later booking flights to get back home to beat the rush.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our trip 5 days short, but we are both grateful to be home, as we didn’t want things to get worse and have our newly joined families worried about us. So now we are on a two-week lockdown in our Apartment in Austin Texas, still so happy. Our thoughts go out to anyone affected by the Corona Virus and to anyone whose wedding or engagement plans have been affected. Hopefully, our close call story will put a smile on some faces that need it during this crazy time. I guess we will both have to plan another trip to Europe to make up for the lost time. Happy Quarantining, and happy Engagement to all!

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