Molly and Cody

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On his family farm

How We Met

Cody and I met on New Year’s Eve. His friend and my friend are siblings and both had friends over to celebrate. Cody was the only single person in his friend group that night. I happened to walk into the kitchen and his friend said I should be Cody’s date for the night. I thought he was cute so I thought, why not? That whole night I was flirting with him but he didn’t have a clue. It took his other friend handing him my number later that night for it to click. We shared a New Year’s Eve kiss and the rest is history! We will be together for 5 years in February.

how they asked

Last year I celebrated my 21st birthday on October 16th which was a Monday. I made plans to go out that Thursday with friends to celebrate. Cody had told me to come to his house before we went out to get my present from his parents, little did I know what he actually had planned. His family farms and incorporated that into our proposal. I was told we were going to help his dad and uncle move to the field and then we could go out. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary so I didn’t think anything of it. When we got to the shop, his uncle walked by us trying to hold in laughter. He was trying to make sure we didn’t see the photographer that was there (he happens to be a friend of ours.) I was just standing there not really paying attention and he pointed to his dad in the combine. When I looked over, that’s when the sign swung out saying “Will you marry me?” It took me a second to comprehend what was happening but when it did I turned to Cody and there he was on one knee with a big smile on his face. He was able to pull off

the surprise, I had no idea! I said yes and when I turned around there was the photographer, my parents, his mom, aunt and cousin. It was the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. Now we are anxiously counting down the days until June 8th!

Special Thanks

Kaleb Nierman