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How We Met

Molly & Ciaran’s Love Story Ciaran and Molly’s story began at Jacksonville University during the Spring semester of 2013 during an on-campus performance the afternoon of April 20th. As performers, their paths had crossed many times before, but for the first time ever, they collaborated in an artistic way that would bring the two of them closer than they would have ever imagined. Molly used a bundt cake decorated with an invitation, “Camping?” to initiate their first intimate getaway the following fall at Ginny Springs for her sorority’s date function. Their relationship continued to flourish and on Valentines Day, 2014 Ciaran asked Molly to “be his.” That Spring, Ciaran graduated from JU and spent the summer visiting Molly in her hometown of Chichester, New Hamshire and exploring his hometown of Philadelphia, PA with her by his side.

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Being apart for those three months made this young couple realize that they had a relationship that would withstand the test of time. Throughout the next year, Ciaran began his career as a music teacher in Jacksonville, and Molly continued pursuing her Fine Arts degree. They continued to support each other’s creative endeavors and pushing each other to grow as artists and individuals. For Spring break, they went on their first cruise together. Their first international getaway solidified their love of vacationing together, and brought them closer than ever before. That summer, the couple worked together at a local restaurant, spending as much time together as possible, enjoying hot days by the beach or pool and cool nights full of good times with great friends.

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Molly’s senior year flew by, and Ciaran continued visiting her on campus for cafeteria brunch with the sorority sisters, and seasonal dance performances that featured Molly’s original choreography. After graduation, she began an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and the two once again nurtured a not-so-long distance relationship, this time with the perk of free access to the “happiest place on earth!” Molly continued to work for the organization in Orlando and landed dancing gigs at Universal Studios Resort for the Macy’s Christmas Parade and the Superstar Parade while Ciaran continued to invest in the music program at the North Florida School of Special Education while expanding his performance repertoire to build a strong local reputation as a professional musician in Jacksonville, FL. Though they weren’t always in the same city, Ciaran and Molly’s relationship still blossomed.

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how they asked

On June 11th, 2017, during a weekend getaway to Philadelphia, Ciaran and Molly headed to the Moshulu for a bottomless mimosa brunch that she thought was just a way to celebrate their visit to his hometown with his family.

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During a photo shoot on the bough deck of the world’s oldest and largest four-masted ship, Ciaran reached in his pocket and pulled out the ring that would embody his undying love for Molly, thus beginning the next chapter of their epic love story.

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Best Day Ever!

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