Molly and Chad

Proposal Ideas North Ave. Beach, Chicago, IL

My amazingly talented friend Steph is forever scouting new locations for photo shoots. So I thought nothing of it when she kept talking about getting all dressed up to take pictures at this gorgeous spot she found. We were on a trip with friends and headed out to a fancy dinner afterwards. I thought it would be a fun idea to have pictures of everyone. So we get to this amazing spot overlooking the city, and she tells me she’s going to take couple pictures first (it cracks me up to think how nervous everyone must’ve been while I was oblivious).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in North Ave. Beach, Chicago, IL

Where to Propose in North Ave. Beach, Chicago, IL

We were waiting on others to arrive so Chad and I start taking pictures together. Now, Chad and I have had this thing for the past year where when I ask him to marry me, he says “eventually”. So Stephanie is telling Chad to say something sweet in my ear to make me smile. He asks me if I want to get married, I said “eventually” and he says, “eventually right now?”. This is not the usual response so I turn to look at him and he’s headed down on that knee. I remember him saying that he loved me so much and then I must’ve mentally blacked out cause that’s all I remember lol. You can see in the photos that I kinda lose it and drop down when I realize what’s happening. Everyone was in on it but me and it was the best proposal ever.

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