Molly and Cameron

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How We Met

Throughout high school and my first year of college, I heard all about this guy that attended Tishomingo Baptist Church. About every two months I would hear, “there is this really nice and handsome young man that goes to church with us; you really need to meet him”. I did not think too much about it because he went to Tishomingo County High School and then to Ole Miss. I went to Wheeler High School and then attended Northeast. He was from a “big area” and older than me and I doubted he wanted to talk to a younger,”small area” girl. Anyways, during December my first year of college, I received a Facebook friend request from a boy named Cameron Bonds. After I accepted, I got a message asking if I knew the Koon’s that attend Tishomingo Baptist Church.

That turned into a conversation (and me checking out those profile pictures), which turned into exchanging phone numbers. About two Sundays later, we decided I would come to church to meet Cameron in person (I now know he secretly checked me out at the NEMCC beauty review during November, even though he still won’t admit it to this day!). That Sunday service went so well that we had our very first date that night. I came home and said, “I’m going to marry that boy one day”. After a few dates we became “Facebook official” on February 3, 2012 and we have happily been together ever since. I 100% believe that God sent Cameron to me, and what a great place to meet him!

how they asked

Cameron and I are both in our last year of school. He lives four hours away from home, so we spend most weekends together. It’s not unusual for me to go to his house around lunch on Saturdays.On Friday, we decided we were going to eat at a restaurant with his parents the next night. On Saturday, I woke up to a text saying “Hey, be at my house at around 2 today” and then one right behind it that said “make that 1”. While I was getting ready, my dad called me. He had been talking about kayaking for weeks at Tishomingo State Park and he said he needed my help. After a few minutes of me telling him I couldn’t fit a kayak in my car, he told me to come in Cameron’s truck.When I arrived at Cameron’s house, everybody acted normal. Around 1:50, Cameron suggested we head to the park to help with the kayaks. Once we were in the truck, I rambled on about different things and changed the radio station a few times.

When we pulled up to the gate, Cameron turned down the radio so he could talk to the gate attendant (not unusual because he worked there throughout school). When we pulled away and headed into the park, we passed one of my favorite areas and I told him I thought that was such a pretty place. The next thing I know, he was pulling in a parking spot and said, “let’s go up there then”. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “why?!”, but then it hit me. I automatically started crying and he smiled from ear to ear. We started walking towards a bridge over a beautiful waterfall, and I could not believe what was happening. We walked onto the bridge and he began telling me the sweetest words in the world and then got down on one knee.

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After saying yes (about 15 million times) and hugging him for 5 minutes straight, I saw the ring and cried even more.

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It was perfection and I could not believe he had chosen it for me. He told me he had thought long and hard about where he wanted to propose, and decided that this spot would be a place we could bring our future children to tell them our story (more tears).

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Then, he told me our families were all there. After taking pictures and exchanging hugs, we made phone calls and spent the rest of the evening celebrating.

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That day was easily the happiest day of my life.

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I can’t wait to marry Cam on June 10, 2017!

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