Molly and Caleb

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how we met

My freshman year of college, I saw this mysterious, handsome guy around campus that I thought was completely out of my league. I saw him everywhere: the dining hall, the computer lab, even on the bus! Apparently, weeks of looking at him with my googly eyes caused him to notice me too. One day I got a message on Facebook from a very polite guy, so I assumed it was from a random creep. To my surprise it turned out to be Caleb, the guy I saw everywhere! We talked a lot that evening and got dinner the next day. Despite my nerves (first date with a guy I never would have expected to notice little me), we had instant sparks.. and from there it’s history.

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how they asked

Caleb asked me if I wanted to get dinner in a month with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend at the National Harbor, to which of course I agreed. When the time came, we drove a few hours to Maryland and walked around to see the beautiful views of the Harbor at sunset. He kept telling me that his friend was running late, stuck in traffic behind us. So, we ended up walking back and forth waiting for about 20 minutes. At that point, I was getting impatient (come on, a girl has to eat!) and kept asking where they were. We stopped at a place with the ferris wheel in the background while the sun was setting, and I sat down because of sore feet from walking around. Caleb asked me multiple times to stand up.. which stubbornly I said no until he took my hand to have me stand.

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After asking if they arrived, Caleb looked me in the eyes and said, “You know I want to take our kids here one day? I want to show them the place that daddy proposed to mommy.” He got on his knees and popped the question, and of course I said yes!!

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