Molly and Bryan

Bryan and I met in high school through our best friend at a rival football game. We both instantly felt a connection. Bryan and I can still perfectly recall the night we met because it felt so significant to us at the time, even though we were only 14. We continued being best friends throughout high school. We ended up going to separate colleges (he went to Penn State and I went to Virginia Tech) but we talked almost every single day and I thought about him all the time. We both came back to Baltimore for the summer after our freshman year and we just knew we had to be together. That summer he asked me to be his girlfriend on a bench in Centennial Park, and then three and half years later he asked me to be his wife on that same bench. Although most of our relationship has been long distance, it has been so worth it because Bryan is the perfect man for me.

Bryan had flown home from Seattle for the weekend to help me pack because I was also moving to Seattle that week! On Valentine’s day we went to church, and after he asked me if I wanted to take a walk in the park. I said yes, of course (despite the fact that it was 15 degrees). As we walked towards “our bench” I noticed there were rose pedals scattered on the ground with a bouquet of red roses and candles on the bench. I said, “Is that for us?!”

As we got closer, I realized that there were also a string of flowers and pictures of us everywhere. I bent down to look at the pictures, and the next thing I know Bryan holds both of my hands and starts telling me how much he loves me, how beautiful I am inside and out, how he’s loved me his whole life and how he wants to marry me. After saying, “YES YES oh my God YES”, he put the most beautifully perfect ring I have ever seen on my finger. We get in the car and I ask, “Who knows?! Should I call my friends and family?!” All the meanwhile freaking out because WE’RE ENGAGED! Bryan stays calm and says we should definitely call everyone, but lets just get back to his house so we can show his parents. He then takes me back to his parents’ house where there was a surprise engagement party for us. He had gathered his family, my family and all of our best friends to celebrate. It was the absolute best and happiest going away present I could have imagined.


The picture is from when I first walked into his house and realized everyone I love is waiting there to celebrate with us. I couldn’t help but cry. I was so unbelievably happy.

Special Thanks

Tonia Wang Photography