Molly and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met in June 2016 when we were both living in Portland, OR. A mutual friend had recently moved there from Seattle and invited me to join him and his new roommates on a river float of the Sandy River – Brandon was one of those roommates. I showed up on a 100 degree Sunday morning where Brandon and his friends were waiting with Coors Lights and beef jerky. Brandon and I hit it off right away and spent 5+ hours floating on the river, laughing and talking the whole time. Brandon lost his hat, a shoe, a pair of sunglasses and his inter-tube popped – but he still got my number! We started dating that week and quickly found out that we both graduated from the University of Washington the same year, studied the same minor, had 4 classes together and somehow hadn’t met before. There are even videos and photos of us at the same events with many mutual friends! It took us several years after college, moving to another state and an invite to a river float for us to finally meet!

We knew it was the real thing pretty quickly as we spent almost every day together in the weeks after we met and we even met each other’s parents in the first two months of dating. We moved in together after only knowing each other for 10 months and after one week of living together, my job promotion transferred me back to Seattle. Brandon was able to transfer with me and we continued our relationship in Seattle where we adopted our dog Dakota.

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Brandon took me to our favorite happy hour spot for oysters on a sunny Friday after work (Salty’s on Alki has the best view and great HH oysters!) We walked out onto the beach after and Brandon stopped us in front of the most beautiful view of our city. He got down on one knee said some very sweet words that we’re both struggling to remember, I was so happy and surprised I was shaking! In the moments after we embraced he told me that someone else had joined us – I looked up to see Kami Olavarria taking photos of the whole moment! Kami and I went to high school together and lives in San Diego now, Brandon knew how much I admired her photography and he had reached out to her 4 months before the proposal to start planning!

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We then did a whirlwind engagement photo shoot – I still could not believe we were engaged! Kami did an incredible job and it was so nice having someone I knew capturing our special moment. We went home and took photos with our pup too!

Molly's Proposal in Seattle, WA

We had planned to have dinner at my dad’s that night so on the drive up I FaceTimed my sister and my mum – little did I know, they were taking my FaceTime call from my dad’s house! We showed up to his house and entered through the backyard. When we came through the back gate, I was shocked to see 40+ of our family and friends holding sparklers in the backyard. Brandon’s parents came in from California, my mum and stepdad were there from Arizona, my sister and her boyfriend traveled in from Canada, Brandon’s sister helped my dad’s girlfriend and her daughter decorate the whole yard.

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It was an incredible night surrounded by our closest friends and family – Brandon had been planning this whole evening for months and had so many people in on the surprise engagement party! It was so overwhelming and wonderful, he really blew me away with his thoughtfulness and attention to detail – I can’t wait to marry this man!!

Special Thanks

Kami Olavarria
 | Photographer