Molly and Bobby

How We Met

Image 1 of Molly and Bobby

Our first picture together, taken on our first date!

I was never one to believe in love at first sight..I would hear people talking about their love stories mentioning how it was a love at first sight type of story, and I would always think to myself ‘How is it possible for two strangers to fall in love the first time they see each other in person? There’s just no way it’s possible.’ I was never one to believe in such a thing, until I met Bobby. We met through mutual friends and after talking once via text one night we didn’t speak to each other again for about 3 months. In May 2015 I sent Bobby a text because I had heard he just finished school. He was up in Philadelphia visiting his family (where we are both from, ironically) and I wouldn’t actually see him in person for another few days. When he got back down to Naples, he took me out downtown on 5th avenue for dinner, and then watched the sun set on the Naples pier after. That whole entire date it literally felt like someone was whispering in my ear, “He’s the one” I just knew it from the moment he opened that door. That whole first date was absolutely perfect and not long after that, (2 months after to be exact) Bobby popped the big question!!

how they asked

Image 2 of Molly and Bobby

It all started out as a regular Sunday for us. We had gone to church that morning and we were heading down to Naples Beach that afternoon for a family barbecue at my step-dads. Bobby had been acting a little shady throughout the day, but I didn’t put much thought into it. We were on our way when my mom texted me saying to hurry up and get to the beach because a sea turtles nest was about to hatch! So we got to the beach, and parked the car… On the walkway down the beach there was a trail of rose petals going all the way down the beach. Since so many people get married here as a destination wedding I had no clue in the world that those petals were for ME! I was too pre-occupied looking for the turtle nest! But as I turned around to look and see if Bobby had caught up to me I saw him walking slowly towards me with the most sweetest, most genuine smile I’ve ever seen. He got down on one knee and he immediately started to tear up, which instantly made me tear up, and he asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him! Of course I said yes! And just spent the next few minutes cherishing the moment with him. When I looked up I had noticed my mom had been filming the whole engagement for me! Knowing that both Bobby and my mom helped plan this for me made it even more special.

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