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I call this my fairytale :-) Blake and I met through a wedding Photo shoot held by Holly Drennen of HollyD photography back in February of 2015. We’ve been together a little over a year now, and it felt right from the very beginning. Here’s our story :-)

Everyone knows I’m not easily surprised, so when Blake and I began talking about marriage, I just KNEW he would never be able to take me by surprise when he popped the question. Well, I was so wrong! Here’s how he got me; We were asked to be “models” for my best friend who so happens to be an AMAZING wedding photographer, and of course I said yes! She told me that she needed pictures to show herself in action, and basically Blake and I were just props. I made sure to tell holly, “don’t get my face because I don’t want people asking if we are engaged, just make the focus on you” , of course she says “oh no problem!” . So we proceed to plan this day, but I didn’t honestly think of it as a big deal. I never even planned on buying anything new to wear because ‘no one was going to see my face’ . So my now fiancé Blake, tells me that he is going to buy a new outfit because he couldn’t fit any of his nice clothes since he had lost weight so of course I had to buy something nice too! So that’s how he got me to dress up.

When the day arrived I was taking my sweet time getting ready. We were scheduled to be there at 6pm. The drive was about twenty five minutes and when 5:20pm came, I decided I needed to go to Costco to pick up some contacts! So Blake has to figure out how to get me to hurry up! Holly texts me and says, ‘you have to get here by 6:30 because the sun sets at 7pm’ ….ummm no it doesn’t!! Now I’m rushing and we get on the road, I decide to do my makeup in the car. When we get there we are on this vineyard and I have on 6 inch heels, so I’m focusing on not falling in the dirt. Holly had a videographer and second shooter there,so everything looked legit! We took a couple of shots and within the first twenty minutes, it got real. Holly says, “ok you guys I’m going to go over here (about 50 feet away) and I want you to walk toward me holding hands” . So we start walking! I’m obviously looking down focusing on my steps, and Blake is looking at holly mouthing “now?!”. The next thing I hear is …”babe? You know I love you?” I say, “yes” and he said, “do you know why?” I told him, “because I’m beautiful?” And laughed. And he stops walking, grabs my other hand and started telling me why he loves me. So I’m thinking, “he’s so sweet I love him”. And then I realize what’s happening and I honestly was so surprised I don’t remember what he said after that. All I remember is him getting on his knee, and pulling the ring box out of his sock! I instantly cried and did not know what to do with myself. Thinking this was all for Holly, and later finding out it was all for me was amazing! Blake did SUCH an amazing job. After he popped the question, we took real pictures and I’ve never taken such great pictures. We are so happy, and you can see it in each photo. So needless to say, Blake has had full success in surprising me. Not to mention he got the EXACT ring I desired! In the words of Blake, ” it all started with a photo shoot, and now it’s all starting with a photo shoot..”

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