Molly and Andrew

Molly and Andrew's Engagement in Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

How We Met

Andrew and I first met when we were 15 and going to the same high school. He asked me out a year later and we’ve together ever since. A few months into dating, he made me a replica of the ‘adventure book’ from Disney’s Up (my favorite movie) and I knew he was going to be the one.

how they asked

We live together in Toronto now but like to travel often. This April, to celebrate both of us graduating university and our 7th anniversary, we took a month long backpacking trip across Western Europe. Both of our families are Scottish and it was our first time ever visiting there so Edinburgh was a really meaningful stop on our trip. To make it even more special, two of our very good friends who live in Northern England met up with us for the weekend.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

We were planning to climb Arthur’s seat (the highest point in Edinburgh and an inactive volcano) on Saturday but it poured rain in classic U.K. fashion. I really wanted to go still but Andrew insisted we should wait for the sunny weather on Sunday. Luckily, the next morning it was absolutely beautiful and all four of us climbed to the top. I was the last to make it up and by the time I’d taken off my rain jacket, Andrew was down on one knee and our friends were off to the side taking photos. The only trouble was waiting to call our friends and family because it was four in the morning at home!