Mollie and Trevor

Image 1 of Mollie and Trevor

How We Met

Mollie and Trevor’s story starts with Tinder–but not the swipe, match, fall in love type of way you might expect. Two very opposite friends matched on the app, hung out, and quickly ended but, along the way, got the idea to introduce Trevor and Mollie.

On the top floor of a crowded college bar, Trevor walked up and shook Mollie’s hand. They mingled, had a drink, and then went their separate ways for the night. When friends asked Mollie how it went she said, “if he’s interested, he’ll find me.” And, he did.

The two were inseparable since that first night and officially began dating just ten days later.

How They Asked

Mollie had been impatiently dropping proposal hints for quite a while but Trevor kept saying, “I have a plan”. And, he really did.

Everyone had gathered in Lincoln for a Nebraska football game. That morning, when it was just the two of them out on the front porch swing (Mollie’s favorite spot), Trevor got down on one knee. The rest of the day was filled with surprises (friends flew in from all over the country!), tears, laughter, and lots of drinks!

Image 2 of Mollie and Trevor

Mollie will tell you that she doesn’t remember what was said because she was so excited and shocked. Trevor will tell you that, despite the struggle of getting Mollie to follow the plan, it was the easiest decision of his life and he couldn’t have imagined it happening any other way.

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