Mollie and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I met sophomore year at Luther College in a choir. We were both music majors and bonded over our love of music and ended up studying together for our theory classes. The rest is history.

how they asked

Jacob told me to get dressed up to go celebrate our 3 year anniversary. He took me to the bridge where he first asked me to be his girlfriend. While we were reminiscing, I noticed someone poke their head out of the bushes up ahead. A few moments later, I saw the person again and noticed that it looked a lot like my dad… It was at this moment that I realized what was going on. I turned to Jacob and said “You are up to something” while laughing/ crying.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Austin, MN

He said “3 years ago I asked you to be my girlfriend and now I am asking you to be my wife” and I said, “Of course!” Moments later, my dad came out of the bushes, dressed in camouflage with his long focus camera lens and many bug bites on his face. He captured these incredible moments we will never forget, even from inside a bush!