Mollie and Corey

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How We Met

How we met is a pretty crazy story! To attempt to make a long story short, Corey’s best friends from their hometown of Valencia, California (right outside of Los Angeles) moved to Athens, Georgia where I (Mollie) went to college. Corey’s friends randomly met my childhood best friend, Nicci, at a party one night freshman year and Nicci introduced the boys to me. After I met, the ‘California boys’, we quickly became best friends . One of these sweet boys even found their way into Nicci’s heart. It only makes sense that Nicci and I would end up falling in love with cute boys from California, who are best friends, right?

Throughout college I always heard about Corey, and Corey, back in Los Angeles, always heard about me, but we were both dating other people. Everyone said that we would be so cute together but living on opposite sides of the coast and having never met, neither one of us thought too much of it. Five years later, I decided to move to Los Angeles,CA after living in Santa Cruz, CA for a year with my best friends, and the rest is history.

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Corey and I started hanging out right when I moved to LA and we finally realized what everyone had always been talking about for the past five years. After I followed Corey around at a Halloween party and after waiting a couple months for Corey to finally make the move, Corey kissed me on New Years! From this point, we were pretty much immediately in love! Pretty cute, huh?!

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how they asked

February 14, 2016 was the best Valentine’s Day of my life! Corey surprised me with a beautiful trip to San Luis Obispo! Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and I look forward to it every year, so I was extra excited for our trip.

The reservations for the hotel he planned actually got messed up and the morning of Valentine’s day Corey was freaking out! I had no idea what was going on and I kept telling him that it wasn’t a big deal and had never seen him so frustrated before. Usually Corey is very easy going and never flustered, but for some reason it didn’t phase me at all. After a few phone calls, a few screams, and a confused Mollie we ended up getting a new reservation at an even cuter hotel right on the ocean. Then we headed to the beach for what I thought was just a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend.

Corey took me to a beautiful beach called Montana De Oro where we had a great time. We were about to leave the beach to get some BBQ (my favorite!) when I told Corey I wanted to make a heart out of rocks on the beach. Corey looked at me like I was crazy, but then I asked for his help so he started looking for rocks on the beach with me.

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As I started to make my heart out of rocks, Corey passed me rock after rock until about five rocks later he passed me a ring! I looked at him totally confused and asked him what he was doing?! I looked up and he was on one knee and he asked me to marry him! I repeatedly asked him if he was trying to trick me and if he was for real! He finally looked at me and said ‘Yes, Mollie! Now get up here and kiss me!’ He pulled me into his arms and that was it! We were engaged!

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