Mollie and Brandon

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How We Met

I had recently moved from Michigan to Texas to start a new career. A colleague of mine invited me to hangout with her and some of her old friends she went to high school with, Brandon, my fiance, was one of them. I had a crush on him from the moment he answered the door, but had no idea he felt the same way at first.

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We built a friendship over the course of a few months before he later told me how he felt. We had an instant connection and became inseparable. Our first date was a meditation class, it was then when it became clear to me how deep our connection was and how different he was from anyone I had ever met.

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how they asked

We had planned a trip to Asia with my parents over the Lunar New Year, while I was busy planning the details of the vacation, my now fiance, was busy planning his proposal. It was the first day of the Lunar New Year, Brandon told me that we were going to have a picnic on the pier and watch the fireworks over the water. As I was settling into our spot on the pier with our blankets and snacks, Brandon received a phone call and walked over to the other side of the pier. I looked over and saw him waving at someone on the water. Immediately curious as to what was going on, I asked him who he was waving at, he ignored my question and told me to pack up our stuff and come with him. It was then I realized, he was waving down a boat… I got on the boat, I realized he chartered a private boat for us!

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We enjoyed a five course meal on the private dinner cruise and watched the sunset over the skyscrapers over the water. After our meal, it was dark out and the fireworks were just about to start… we made our way to the top of the boat to sit on the front of it to watch the show. He had set up a tripod with our camera and told me that we were going to take a selfie. He let me believe we were taking photos for a minute, but the camera was secretly recording. The fireworks going off behind us, he then took the opportunity to turn to me and began to propose. I was so surprised!

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We were then given champagne to celebrate and watch the fireworks finale, but I was distracted by my new fiance and the ring on my finger.

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We will treasure this memory for the rest of our lives. I cannot wait to marry this man!

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