Molli and Chuck's At-Home Proposal

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how we met

We were introduced through mutual friends, he is really good friends with my friends fiancé. The very first time we met (or saw each other) I was working at a dog ranch with the friend that introduced us. He rang the bell up front so I went up thinking it was a customer, then he asked for her. He was there to pick up underwear for her fiancé, why he decided to tell a total stranger that, I don’t know. We didn’t say much then I just went and got her. After he left she said “He just asked who you were, and said you were cute.” Being in a bleached sweatshirt, with my hair in a total mess of a side braid and in mid day of picking up dog poop, I just laughed it off, said well thats nice, and we never really talked about it, secretly wondering but too shy to ask her.

A while went by and she invited me over for a game night with some of her friends, not telling me he was going to be there. I got there and we happened to be the only two not in a couple there. We played games, obviously being partnered up. I went to go to bed in their spare bed and he came in and said “if you want a snuggle buddy, just let me know” I giggled and said ok, and he left. Realizing how he is, I now realize how much courage it probably took for him to do that. I ended up sleeping on a futon with my friend and her dog. I remember telling her he was like a teddy bear, dropping hints, she finally had another get together at her house, to which we were both invited. We hung out, talked, got to know each other a little bit and things just took off after that night. We went on a first date to Dave and Busters and I won him a stuffed animal out of the crane game, after three years and four cars of his, he still keeps it on his dashboard.

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how they asked

We were planning a surprise 30th wedding anniversary party for his parents at our house. I did not suspect anything, really had no clue what so ever. The party was mostly his family but him and his sister suggested we invite my family, assuming they were just being nice by doing it, they ended up coming. I was surprised they came but didn’t think anything of it, I was excited they did. After a very stressful week at work and getting ready for the party, a lot of preparation, even a mental breakdown, everything for the party came together. We drank, ate, mingled a bit, normal party stuff. He had jokingly told me earlier in the week to write a speech for him to say to his parents. When it came time for speeches, his sister gave hers, and he was standing at the front of the room, in the middle of his sisters speech I walked over to him just to say hello. He was sweating like crazy, and I asked him why, Assuming he was just hot (still having no clue). He walked away so I went back to my table. Then his sister passed things along to him. I lipped to him, do you even have a speech, assuming he didn’t from previous conversations. Turned out he did, still oblivious I stood there and listened. He started his speech then got to “because I fell in love with the girl I love most the first time I saw her” everyone oo’d and awed, I smiled and remember thinking well thats really sweet but this is kinda awkward everyone is staring at me (and still, no clue) thne he proceeded, and not until the last sentence did I finally realize what was happening.

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My smile instantly turned into tears, I think the first thing I did was look at my mom and dad, both crying. I just bawled. The ring box he had had a light in it shining on the ring, Because my eyes were so watery I could barely see the ring. Crying so hard I just nodded yes. All I wanted to do was bury my head and hug him! After over three years of dating and exactly 365 days of living together we were engaged, and for the rest of the day after that I just felt like I was going to cry tears of joy. It couldn’t have any more perfect, and for someone who loves surprises I couldn’t have been happier with the way he did it.

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