Mollee and Tye

how we met

Short story: Mutual friend in college Long story: We were both dating other people and our significant others at the time were friends. For some random reason, they thought Tye (my fiance now) and I were “talking” behind their back. However, I didnt even know Tyes last name nor did I have his phone number. So to ease my boyfriends mind, I got Tyes number from a mutual friend and texted him “Why are you telling people we are ‘talking’?” and his witty self replied “hate to break your heart sweetheart but I never said that.” I was so embarrassed. Years went by and our relationships with the other individuals didn’t work out and he reached back out to me to go dancing with him. Of course I said yes. After that date I knew he was the guy I always dreamed of.

how they asked

December 4th was the day of the proposal but also our 3 year anniversary together. We were planning to go to this fancy restaurant about an hour away. He told me the morning of that he had the whole day planned and i need to be ready right at 5 because were having drinks before dinner. (Tye never plans ANYTHING so this was wayyyy out of character for him, so i knew something was up). I came home and immediately started getting ready, and when he got home, he wouldn’t talk to me, look at me, or anything. Once I was ready he informed me we were going to go to my favorite place for happy hour on the square in Downtown Georgetown. We lived in Downtown Georgetown so we always walked to the square (no more than a 5 minute walk). We started walking that way, the path we always take and then when we get to the center of the square I saw a path of white rose petals. I was SO confused. (So side note Tye has “jokingly” proposed to me to freak me out a couple times… how awful is that???) I honestly that he was joking and just walking down someone else’s proposal path. We kept walking until we got the heart made out of rose pedals and in the corner of my eye I saw our friend photographer (Jaime) and instantly started crying because I knew it was real when I saw her. Tye held my hands and told me a lot of stuff (but unsure everything because I think I blacked out) and then got on one knee and I said YES! When I said yes, I immediately heard people cheering/clapping and it was my whole family/friends on the balcony of a restaurant right across the street. My mom and dad came running down and it was perfect!!! After we went up the restaurant and met the rest of my family and friends and had champagne.

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