Mohammed and Krystal

How We Met

I believe our story is an incredible one! We have been together for almost 10 years and it’s been such a dream. I was a young amateur athlete(Boxer) and my fiance was an aspiring dancer. Even how we met was a miracle. I was living in Mississauga and I was competing as an amateur boxer. I was doing well as an amateur but Canada pays very little to their athletes so I made the decision to work as a boxing trainer part-time on the side.

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That very same week I got a call from a woman who met me recently and spoke desperately about needing a boxing coach for her gym in Toronto. I was on the fence about going because it was so far away but I was excited about being in Toronto and having my own program. I built the program and was doing really well. The gym also had a dance instructor who suddenly decided she wanted to also do some boxing, lol. We worked together and connected instantly! 2 passionate and dedicated dreamers who were striving to be great at what they loved!

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We became inseparable going everywhere together and helping each other grow in our arts. Whenever I go to train she comes into the gyms and watches me train and whenever she goes to teach I go and watch as well. My people know that wherever I go she comes and wherever she goes I go as well. I traveled around and competed and she never left my side. Eventually, I accomplished a dream and became a professional boxer! I trained and fought some of the best in the world and with her help, I accomplished a dream and won the IBA Lightweight title. I grew into a champion and community leader.

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Together we founded an anti-bullying program and supported numerous charitable causes in the community. I went to events, met with politicians, and worked with other professionals to grow into the kind of champion I always dreamed of. She remarkably did likewise. She danced with some of the best dancers and choreographers and became someone she always wanted to! She eventually accepted a dance teacher role downtown at one of the city’s top studios and she even founded her own successful dance company that teaches and inspires kids through dance! It’s pretty awesome actually because I became known as “Fearless” Mohammed Abedeen and just as we inspire each other she named her company Fearless Dance Company!

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In between all our hard work, dedication and fun that goes with striving towards our passion we have had so much fun basically doing everything there is to do in Toronto each season haha. We didn’t live together so being together all the time meant staying out all day or night at different places in Toronto. We also did a lot of traveling around the world. We’ve been to many places and seen many things altogether! I could tell you about our spontaneous road trip to New York City or when we decided to live in Los Angeles for a few months to train with some of the best in both the dance and boxing worlds or the numerous Las Vegas trips we took for boxing, shows or just fun times together!!

Mohammed and Krystal's Engagement in Magic Kingdom Disney World Orlando

I’m gonna tell you about the last trip. For my birthday she decided to take me somewhere I always mentioned but never made plans for. She took me to Iceland! It became super interesting because she is a girl who’s never even been camping or in a tent but I wanted to travel around Iceland, not in hotels but staying in the car!! Hahaha, when she heard my plan she super nervous to say the least hahaha. Well, we only had a short time there and I wanted to make every second of it. We used a campervan, ate in it and slept in it and made it our little home. We drove at night and explored the country during the day IN WINTER! it was a perfect and truly magical trip!! We loved every second of it including seeing the northern lights!

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After 10 magical years growing together exploring together and helping each other reach our dreams we are so excited to begin a new journey together and we have so many good things planned for our future together like opening our own dance studio, I have bigger fights coming up and eventually expanding my kids program into our own boxing/dance studio but first, we have our wedding that will no doubt be huge!!

Thank you!!

10 years of loving memories but we included some random ones including the very first picture we took together(we look at us in it and laugh but thought it’d be cool to include it)

How They Asked

Haha, the proposing process actually to me months! As a professional boxer, I had imagined proposing after my next fight which was going to be the biggest fight of my life but it got pushed to next year and I wanted to propose sooner than later. It was a little heartbreaking for me because I imagined the proposal after the fight for so long… thousands of people there, the big speech, the special moment… it was nice but it wasn’t meant to be and I’m so glad because the final way was perfect!!

So after they postponed my fight I had to think of something else that felt at least equally special to what I had imagined for so long which was tough. Next up was her big dance show! She is a dancer/choreographer and this show meant a lot to her and it was going to be a big night for her but that didn’t work either because of timeline issues with the venue(I didn’t want it to be rushed). I went through a few more ideas but none seemed good enough. I was pretty frustrated and it was really stressing me out. Finally, I realized there perfect way. She’s a huge Disney fan as am I and we were going to be in Florida visiting my family for Christmas, it seemed perfect! I spent a bunch of time contacting Disney from Canada planning out details and because I imagined it a certain way for so long I wanted it to kinda be that way still so I wanted it to be seen by a lot of people. I decided I would live steam the whole process on her social media.

We landed in Orlando and I had everything planned out right from there. We didn’t get picked up because I “forgot” to give my family the exact flight details which are totally me lol. So as she’s amazing, she didn’t mind and agreed that we stay in a hotel that night because I didn’t want my family driving all that way to pick us up that late. I made her search hotels but for some reason, they were all booked on short notice, lol. We could only get one, the one that I had planned to stay at. We took a cab to it and went to check in for what she thought was one night. I was already in contact with the hotel and had booked 2 nights and notified the staff about my plans and that they should play along with the one night talk. This hotel was absolutely incredible!! We have probably stayed at over 100 hotels and these guys were the best by far!!! I will credit them later as well but man they were good!

We checked in around 5 pm and as we do with everything we felt free and were excited to spend the night there! We were going to look up something fun to do in the area or even in the hotel. She didn’t know yet but I choose this hotel because it was close to Disney springs which looked like something fun that I knew she’d love. We got an amazing welcome into the hotel and a great room! I told her to shower and I’ll try and find something fun for us to do. I “randomly” stumbled onto the Disney springs which incredibly was walking distance for us! We got all dressed and walked to Disney springs. It was a perfect night! The walk there was romantic and beautiful. We explored the springs and it was truly magical for us! I needed her to be out late so that I could wake up before her and be ready and out before she wakes up but at the same time, I was exhausted and wanted to sleep, lol. We spent the night walking and enjoying the springs together till it was pretty late. We walked back and pretty much knocked out as soon as we got there(1am-ish).

6 am I wake up and amazingly she didn’t hear me. I get all ready to grab my things and head out the door but before I do I make sure to delete all her social media and lock her phone so she can only take pictures and communicate with me through texting. I head to the front and have a huge breakfast sent up to wake her up. The staff knocks looking for “Princess” Krystal! Haha, I had everyone she runs into that morning address her as “Princess” Krystal. I get a text from her asking what’s going on? I respond with this message…

“Me: Salaamwalikum Princess Krystal!!!

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl lived happily. She had a nice family, a nice home, and nice friends. She also loved to dance so she spent a lot of her time dancing and with her family. But one day she met a man who made her feel different. This guy made her feel something so special inside.

His heart and her heart KNEW they’d be together forever!!!

Today is your adventure baby…”



Absolutely no texting anyone else

No reinstalling any apps

And no texting me back…

I only left your phone to receive my instructions and take pictures if you want to. You need to be ready for the day by 10 latest. Your wearing super cute clothes, comfy enough to walk a lot in and don’t forget your backpack. Don’t worry about our stuff you’re going to leave it in the room when I tell you to leave. ”

I head to Disney and when I get in the gates I start the live stream here’s roughly my speech that I said to her followers…

“Hello everyone! Ummm I am not Krystal, lol. But I have stolen her Instagram and left her alone asleep in the hotel. See I’ve arranged this Orlando stop and fake needing to stay here because after nearly 10 magical years together I’m going to propose to her today! Yes, I’m so excited and have a few things planned. See In about 20 mins hotel staff will knock on the door with breakfast for princess Krystal and a beautiful morning note detailing she needs to eat and get pretty and ready and downstairs in an hour. From there I have a ride with the sign princess Krystal taking her to of course you probably guessed Disney world! Yes, it’s a proposal in front of the castle and yes I made sure everyone she encounters knows to address her as princess Krystal. It’s a lot but I really know her heart will love it! I’m heading to Disney now to get the rest all ready, I’ll be back on with the next step soon. Oh, and if you want to comment or direct message her please do! I disabled her phone so she won’t get it right this second but I know she’ll appreciate reading it when I set her phone back up. Ok, wish me luck!”

All her people start responding and it’s amazing. Time goes by and I tell her to head to the lobby and wait. She’s sitting when the chauffeur I arranged approaches her and says “Princess” Krystal, your car is waiting. She gets in and is on her way to Disney now!

I have to get the next part ready. See she loves Disney but her favorite is Tinkerbell so I visited Tinkerbell in her forest and explained the situation. I also live-streamed that interaction. Tinkerbell promising to help “Princess” Krystal find her true love! And sending her pixie dust to help her find her way to her. It was great! Next, I went to the castle to wait and prepare.

“Princess” Krystal arrived at Disney with instructions to enter and find tinkerbell(I had emailed the ticket to her in the morning before I disabled her phone so she had it in her downloads.

She met with the Tinkerbell and was guided to the castle! She starts to head towards the castle, she gets to the end of the path when shes directed into a shop…

This is it! I get everyone in front of the castle ready! I had been working hard there to make it perfect! I had 3 photographers from Disney’s photo team there, I had someone holding my phone to stream it live on her accounts to her followers and I had worked up a huge crowd to get them on my side! They were totally excited about seeing the proposal from the story I gave them. I send her this one last message…

“I love you so much. You have been the greatest blessing of my life and my whole world. Every day I wake up in a dream. A dream because I have you. A dream I never ever want to end…. walk towards the castle”

Im standing there with a huge crowd and the photographers in front of the castle… I see her, and she’s so beautiful. She is tearing up and hugs me I whisper “I love you” in her ear and step back. I drop down… every single bit of this I planned EXACTLY but this I speech I did not at all. I think I wanted it to be totally from my heart from what I felt in that very second I saw her. I said a few beautiful words describing us and to be honest, it was a big blur but now I was tearing up as well. I pulled out the ring and opened it towards her. I said her full name which I probably have only done once in 10 years “Krystal Deborah Glazier-Roscoe, will you marry me?”

She says yes, I kiss and hug her and lift her up! People begin to cheer and applaud like crazy! It’s amazing! We take it all in and we both thank everyone so much! Afterward, the photographers say that they have over a thousand engagements a year and they have never seen one like mine before! They said the way I worked and got everyone to be in on it was amazing(and to my fiance, I’ll add: make sure you remember what the photographer said…”you should be so impressed by what he did” Haha)

Disney was so impressed by what I did they gave us our own photographer right afterward to follow us around and take some special photos together. We did that, then spent the rest of the day enjoying the magic and taking it all in! We were probably the last people to leave the park, just us walking through Disney with all the lights and beauty…it was truly magical.

When we got back to the hotel we walked into the room and it was completely changed! Rose pedals, champagne, deserts were all out. It was so romantic and perfect. That was all the hotel, the amazing incredible staff at the hotel went above and beyond to end our special day and it was unforgettable!!

Sorry about writing so much, lol. It meant so much to me but thank God it all came together perfectly! Feel free to emphasize or leave out whatever you think, I’m not the best at writing it all out.

Special Thanks

 | Aret was such a good man. I went through over 6 diamond providers and Aret not only was the best but he was the most genuine and caring guy! I'm so glad to of had his help with the diamond.
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 | Photographer
Johnathan curry
 | The manager at the hotel also went above and beyond to make our occasion special!