Model gets engaged wearing a wedding dress on the runway

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How We Met

I met Chad in June 2015, in Las Vegas of all places. We were both there attending Electric Daisy Carnival separately, but we had mutual friends so we ended up meeting for lunch. The evening before I had actually cracked my tooth and had a piece of the tooth in a baggy. So at lunch, the mutual friends were joking that Chad should take a look in my pity and assess the damage. I quickly squashed this idea, as I didn’t want this big, beautiful man looking into my mouth. We joke now that he was a mute then, because he didn’t even say a word to me at the lunch. I thought he was attractive so I followed him on Instagram that same day, and I quickly had a message in my DMs from Chad.

I was living in Paris/London at the time modeling in both locations, so Chad very smoothly asked if he needed to become a pilot to see me again. Once I returned home for Thanksgiving, he asked to take me on a date, and the night after I landed, he took me on our first date, after a runway show around midnight. We had Thai food and got to know each other over a bowl of pho. The rest is history.

We never stopped going on dates. He quickly moved up to Dallas after graduating dental school and moved in down the hall from me! We traveled Europe for 5 weeks, which is where we fell in love in July of 2016. The ruby in my ring signifies that month of July, and is a special little secret nobody knows is there unless I tell you about it :) Here’s a few photos from the month we fell in love all over Europe.

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how they asked

I knew something was up a few weeks before when Chad told me he was turning his location off on his iPhone for a little while “because he didn’t want me to see where he was”…. but never in a million years would I think he would orchestrate such an amazing and unique proposal. The planning for this proposal began last November, when I introduced Chad to the Watters team at a function. They began the talks then, when Xay Vongphachanh, lead designer for Watters, asked Chad when he was going to propose. Chad’s original plan was to ask on our 2 year anniversary: Feb 5, 2018. But after Xay pitched the runway show idea, Chad quickly decided it was a better choice. We then flew to San Miguel de Allende in February to shoot the Wtoo line by Watters. They wanted to shoot a real couple in love, since the concept behind the line was “Love at First Sight”. Some of the dresses actually have Shakespearean quotes embroidered right into the dresses. See the video at Nicole Kaspar.

The day I left for the trip, Chad told me he was heading home to go to a Rockets playoff game with friends! When I landed in NYC I was none the wiser, even when he didn’t answer his phone for three hours.

The day of the proposal was like any show day: hectic and fast paced. I was the model who was supposed to escort Elias Gutierrez, the designer of Wtoo, out for his final bow at the end of the show, but when I turned to leave, Elias pulled me back.

Image 5 of Nicole and Chad

That’s when I saw Chad standing at the end of the runway. I was blinded by all the lights and cameras but I could tell who it was by the size of the figure standing there, and that’s when my jaw just dropped, because I could not believe what was happening.

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I kind of blacked out while walking down the runway, and only remember being hand in hand with Chad. He gave the most amazing speech about wanting to do this for a long time, and that he wanted to ask me while I was doing something I loved.

Image 7 of Nicole and Chad

He was microphoned up because they were filming the entire thing to add on to our love story in Mexico. After his speech, he presented me with the most amazing ring. It’s a circle cut style, with diamonds around the setting and the band, and as I said above, A secret ruby beneath that kisses the point of the diamond.

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Image 9 of Nicole and Chad

After the ring, both sets of our parents as well as my maid of honor popped out, everyone was crying, and this got me crying all over again. I still am in disbelief at the effort that Chad, my family and friends, and the entire Watters team put into this giant secret. Everyone knew and nobody slipped up!

Image 10 of Nicole and Chad

A special thanks has to go to Xay Vongphachanh, Elias Gutierrez, Molly Workman, Vatana and Sydney Watters for making my dreams come true. And finally to Chad…. I can’t wait to be your wife and spend forever with you. You’ve blown every proposal out of the water, and I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

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