Mo and Luke

How We Met

Luke was a Senior in college and I was a Freshman when we first met in 2012. We were both athletes on the Sacramento State Uni. Track and Field team. Before the Fall semester started a bunch of teammates decided to take the new recruits on a trip to San Francisco. I was coming from Alaska and had never been to San Fran so I jumped at the chance to go.

Prior to the trip, Luke and I had seen each other in practice but we had never talked. My fist impression of Luke was a strange one. The first time I saw him at practice he was wearing American flag short shorts without a T-shirt. He was this skinny, tall, distance runner with long shaggy hair and freckles all over his back. Luke and his twin brother Mark were the goof balls on the team and were always the center of attention. Luke’s goofy personality coupled with his strong Mississippi accent absolutely intrigued me. I HAD to get to know this guy! You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out he was coming on the trip.

Prior to attending CSUS Luke went to school at San Francisco City College and naturally he made an excellent tour guide on our trip. He was charming, funny, and sweet. I caught Luke sneaking a few glances at me on more than one occasion and my tummy was flooded with nervous butterflies. When we arrived on Pier 89 I announced that I wanted to try some clam chowder but the rest of the group wasn’t up for it. Most of the group wanted to go get sandwiches for lunch. Luke stayed with me however and even offered to buy my food. He was a true southern gentleman. We discovered we had a lot in common and we both had very unique interests and backgrounds.

The best part of the trip was later that night in China Town when we sat down at a restaurant for some Chinese food. Luke was sitting next to me and passed his fortune cookie to me under the table. It read, “You will soon meet someone very special.” We both smiled because we knew the stars had aligned and brought us together. It was fate. In that moment I knew he was the one whom my soul loved. The rest is history.

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how they asked

On the morning of December 4th, 2015, my impatience and love/hate for surprises got the best of me and I relentlessly begged Luke to tell me what he had planned for the day… I knew he was up to something but I wasn’t quite sure what. I got dressed with haste and we walked to the car whereupon Luke pulled out a hat filled with trivia questions based on our relationship.

He proudly proclaimed, “Welcome to Luke and Mo’s Memory Tour where we will be traveling back in time and recreating/revisiting some of the places where we have had our finest moments together and first dates. I am the conductor, you are my beautiful passenger. Answer questions correctly along the way to discover our next destination. Answer ALL questions correctly and you will be awarded the BIGGEST prize of your LIFE!”

Here’s the video!

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