Miya and Susie: The Ultimate Maid of Honor Proposal


My now husband and I met through Facebook, and our story can be seen on How They Asked here. My maid of honor and I met through my husband right around the same time; when my husband and I were looking for volunteer couples to be our models for a photoshoot, we found her and her then boyfriend. We took photos for them but immediately became friends after the shoot, and the rest is history.



My husband, my maid of honor & her husband, me, the four of us became almost a family and supported each other through the 8 years of our friendships. My maid of honor saw the ups and downs of our relationship and was there since the beginning, so it was extra special when she showed up back then when my husband proposed to me. So I decided to do something special for her.

As a planner type, I always wanted to make the maid of honor proposal a special one, because to me, the love between friends is equally important and worth celebrating for. On April.1st 2018, I asked her husband to give her an envelope with clues leading to another clue. She was given a hint to wear something nice, and bring something that reminds her of me.She was then taken (by my fiancé then) to where I was hiding, given a headphone and iPad to watch a video that I made telling her why she’s so special to me and how much I treasure our friendship. Under the cherry blossom tree, I came out and kneeled down on one knee asking her to be my maid of honor, and gave her a box with cards, gifts and mini surprises. I planned for about a month for this surprise because i know she loves solving puzzles and having these type of scavenger hunts. Throughout the process, I had help from her husband and mine, the two guys were definitely entertained by this April Fool’s activity but they both thought its kind of cute as we.

The ring was a customized bunny ring because that’s her favorite animal. I “proposed” to her with the bunny ring, and later on at my wedding, she did something special — she kneeled down on one knee and gave me a matching ring, asking me to be her sister for life. And i said yes.


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