Miya and Jun

How We Met

As sketchy as it sounds, we actually met on Facebook 6 years ago through a mutual friend. Back in 2011 I was in first-year university and just getting into photography. I was doing a 52-week self-portrait photography project and posted them on my Facebook. Back then there wasn’t a “follow” option on Facebook, so when my friend “liked” his photo and popped up on my feed, of course, I checked him out online and sent a friend request simply to see more of his work. He probably unconsciously took it the wrong way — tho he never admits it. He saw my self-portrait series and started messaging me, and later asked me out for a photo walk. After messaging back and force for about 3 months, we finally came out and did the photo walk in Stanley Park in the rain, so the photos of our very first meeting were our photos of each other, from our own cameras.

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He was my very first boyfriend so it took me 8 months to agree to be his girlfriend, and 10 months for our first kiss (I wasn’t playing hard to get, no). He asked me to assist him at weddings so he could see me more often, so I became his second photographer for almost one year. Our mutual interest in photography and artsy stuff were the foundation of our relationship, which led to us merging our photography business together and starting a new venture. I never thought I would have my boyfriend as my business partner, but it sure happened.

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In 2015 we started our wedding photo & video studio JuMi Story, capturing weddings together, expanding our studio together, traveling around the world shooting destination pre-weddings together and chasing our dreams together. It has been a wild ride with ups and downs, but that Facebook friend request was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made :P We started traveling for work together after we started offering full-service pre-wedding. It feels unreal even till today!

how they asked

On August 16th, a not-so-random Wednesday night, Jun executed a plan that he has been working on for a few months. Being wedding photographers ourselves, proposals and weddings were something we’ve seen way too often, but when it comes to the night where this actually happens to us, it felt different than anything we’ve captured before. While I was getting ready to go on a girls night and have a unicorn themed happy hour reunion dinner, Jun gathered some of our closest friends at a secret location and claimed to be busy shooting that night. So during this whole time when Jun and the surprise crew were working their ass off preparing and setting things up, I was having way too much dancing my ass off with the girls.

Time was short, night was approaching, the team has arrived, everyone was sweating (from the candles heat). And there I was, filming Harlem shake. With all the excuses of people forgetting things and having to detour before going to our unicorn dinner, I was led to a strange location where Jun was “Shooting a session” to deliver a lens that he “forgot to bring”.

I knew something was off when Jun said he forgot to bring a lens —— knowing Jun’s professionalism, he never forgets his gear, so when I was brought to the building that looked normal and quiet from the outside, I had a feeling something magical was about to happen inside. Before we entered, my bestie told me she needed to find washrooms, so I was distracted and focused all my mind power looking for a washroom…

But I found Jun. With a wireless mic on his chest, he held my hands and brought me into the room, where all my beloved ones were standing behind some pretty looking things, holding sparklers, looking at me with all smiles. That was when I found out the washroom was an excuse and started to LMAO uncontrollably. I always thought I would cry when seeing him kneel down on one knee and ask the question, but I guess I underestimated myself. Jun later was very troubled by how long I laughed. The ultimate goofball in me eventually beat the romantic setting, I laughed for like a minute before I could focus on what was actually happening.

He grabbed my right hand and anxiously said: “You know how it goes. This is the time you are supposed to say yes, I gotta propose before the sparklers go off…”

The moment froze as if time no longer existed. All the sounds became overwhelming, our friends’ movement, our own videography team filming, the sparklers, the camera clicks, his breathing.

The candles lit up his face, the face I’ve known for 6 years.

I just had to tell him… “Wrong hand.” In between switching hands and asking “Will you marry me”, he already slipped the ring on my finger, and the rest was a blur of nothing but hugs and us goofing off and failing to pose for the camera…

The night when we got back, he gave me an early birthday gift: a light that projects stars on the ceiling. Under a ceiling of stars, he hugged me tightly, and whispered to my ears: “We’ve known each other for 6 years. Your weakness is my strength, my weakness is your strength. Every year there had been challenges, but we overcame them together. There will be more challenges in the future, will you overcome all of them with me?” I knew I do. He knew too.

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