Mitzi and Pete

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How We Met

Pete and I met in college my sophomore year at a school retreat. I hadn’t really noticed him the entire time until one night we were hanging out in the main lounge and someone started to blare Taylor Swift onto the speakers in the room. 20 year old me at the time was very opinionated about music and this was pre “cool-TSwift” so I was very offended that someone would pick such horrible music for everyone to listen to. So I got up from my conversation and went looking for the person responsible and that’s when I first saw Pete. Sitting by the speaker picking out music and my first words to him were “are you the one who picked this awful song – it’s really bad, you ought to change it”. After our first encounter Pete was quite obviously interested, asking me at one point if I wanted to go make a bon fire with him outside. I declined his offer. Because what’s fun about the chase if it isn’t a bit challenging?! When we got back to campus Pete was pretty clear about his feelings; consistently inviting me to the library to study or go for late night bike rides to the lake where we’d lay on the frozen sand look at the stars. We would go to a diner in Lincoln Park some nights and drink decaf and study together. That February of 2013 he picked me up with pink flowers, took me to see an old black and white movie at The Music Box and asked me to be his girlfriend and it was the easiest decision of my life!

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how they asked

I just want to say that I’m the hardest person to surprise because I can catch onto details and strange differences so quickly that I often ruin things for myself. Luckily, my fiance knows this about me and conned me so well that I almost passed out at the proposal because my mind couldn’t comprehend how off my game I had been. 2 months before the proposal Pete sends me a flyer for a charity “Casino night” event at our Alma mater, Loyola University Chicago.

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He tells me he got a free ticket (since he works on the board) and asked if I wanted to go with him. The ticket prices were set to double in 2 days so I told him to quickly buy a ticket then so we could get the deal. On the day of the charity event I’m excited to go back to our campus and see how things have changed.

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Our school sits right on the edge of Lake Michigan and has the most amazing campus I’ve ever seen. Pete asks if I want to choose a place of dinner but I remember the flyer saying that they’ll be serving “heavy hors d’oeuvres” so of course I want to be hungry because I love those tiny mac and cheese shooters! So I pick a place by campus and we have drinks at this this hip new restaurant called Income Tax. When we get to campus he insists on taking the long route along the lake and its a beautiful day so I comply. When we get close to the building I try to pull him the other direction because HELLO, I’m in heels and I don’t want to be walking more than I need to! But he pulls my hand back towards the lake and says we got to, “for the mems”.

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As we’re nearing the end of the trail along the lake I see a little clearing of grass and see a blanket with flowers and champagne. I also hear Fionn Regan playing out of a speaker somewhere hidden in the trees and I begin to get very confused. Needless to say, this was really about to happen and I was starting to lose oxygen in my brain. I was so lost that as Pete started pulling me towards the blanket I started to test him to see if this was really the plan all along. I asked him a million questions like “who set this up?”, “where’s that music coming from?”, “is this someone else’s stuff?”, “where’d you get this blanket”, he patiently answered all my questions while I gave him the side eye while trying to figure out if this was really for me. Then I realized the whole thing was fake and kept shouting “casino night is fake?!”. When he pulled out the ring I was certain it was a plastic ring because, c’mon!!

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How did I get so fooled!? The flyer, the fake event, dressing up. He even intentionally adjusted the prices to double so that I would be incentivized to commit right away!

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Pete began reading a speech he wrote out for me but his hands were shaking so much and I was starting to black out that I told him we’d read it later when we weren’t so crazed. So he folded his speech back and pit it in his jacket and pulled out the ring. After I said yes, we popped the bottles of champagne (we even have a photo where I accidentally popped the bottle and the champagne shot right onto his shirt..whoops!

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thank god he has a good attitude haha) and we found our friends hiding in the bushes and laying the dirt to get the perfect shot, which they TOTALLY did. After we took some photos by the lake we headed back to his sisters apartment to celebrate and I found 30 of my friends hiding on the rooftop with cake and french 75’s (my favorite drink) to celebrate, it was seriously amazing!

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Special Thanks

Michaela Nash
 | Photographer
Harris Nash
 | Planning