Mitchell and Kelsee

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How We Met

So, a little background on Mitchell and I, we first met when we were 13 in the youth group at Del City Church of Christ. We’ve always connected so well and have been great friends ever since. Even though we went our separate ways back then, we always found little ways to communicate to each other. Comments on Instagram posts saying “omg you are so cute!” to hanging out and playing checkers and eating Whataburger. We’ve always found a way to stay connected. Little did we know, second semester, senior year of college would totally change our worlds. I texted Mitch because I was headed to Norman the week after New Years wanting to know what there was to do around town that was fun. January 23rd, 2015 we hung out and couldn’t stop there. I knew I had found my person (but to avoid looking cray cray I kept that at bay). It felt like an eternity for him to ask me to be his girlfriend. I have never been patient so I think that is what drew me to him. He was exactly what I needed.

how they asked

Fast forward two years and 9 months later, I got a phone call that Mitch needed his car jumped (Side Note: he didn’t, he just needed to get me to where he was). I hopped in my car and headed towards him to help. As I was almost there, I noticed my maps were taking me past Del City Church of Christ. I hadn’t seen it in years so I mentioned it to Mitch while we were on the phone. We both thought it was cool that I had passed it (Unaware that he had plans to take me there shortly after). So, I pull up to Mitch and as we (fake) jump his car he asked if I wanted to go look at the church just to see what had changed. I was curious so I agreed. We got in our cars and headed there. There was a beautiful landscaped area that was completely new so we got out and went exploring. As he was taking me around we talked about life, us, and how far we’ve come as a couple. Next thing I know, I am being pulled to the center and being told how much I mean to him and how life didn’t make sense before me. As soon as I realized he was proposing, I lost it. Tears were flowing and it was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced. He got down on one knee, used my full name, and asked me to marry him.

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Of course, being me, I said yes before he could even finish his sentence. He even got our wonderful, talented friend to hide and capture the moment. Bringing us back to where it all started couldn’t have been more special. I can’t believe I get to experience forever with this man! <3

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