Mitchel and Kayla

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how we met

Mitchel and I met at a church service for young adults called Kaleo. I sang on the worship team and the fist night I saw Mitchel was my fist night singing on stage. We both noticed each other that night but I was too stubborn to make the first move and he was too nervous. The next week my friends and I were siting in a row together and I noticed Mitchel sitting by himself. My friend Becca and I decided we would ask if he would like to sit with us, so together we turned around to ask and he said yes! That night I got Mitchel’s number to send him an address to a bible study group (but really this was me giving him the opportunity to ask me out since he would have my number…can you say control freak?) and a week after that he asked me out to go to dinner with him. It was the most eventful but perfect date I had ever been on! It was love at first site on our first date, and we both knew we wanted to be together forever.

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how they asked

After 6 months of dating Mitchel popped the question! This I did not make easy for him. After church on November 6th of 2016, Mitchel took me to chipotle for lunch, which we all know is the perfect place to go if you want a huge food baby. Mitchel and I go on walkes daily on a trail near our parents house, so of course Mitchel wants to go on a walk but I was not about to go on a long walk with the food coma I was in. So after him begging me to go on a walk and me insisting that we go to his place and relax for a little bit, I clearly won that “argument”. After we kicked back for a half an hour I was finally ready to go on a walk, but I wanted to take Mitchel’s motorcycle to the trail and that also took some convincing. As you can see from the photos I was too lazy to take off his nice cameo sweatshirt otherwise I would be in something much nicer. Mitchel and I arrived to the trail and we walked for about five minutes before I realized how badly I needed to pee. I didn’t want to walk back but I couldn’t hold it in. Now I normally would never EVER do this but I was desperate. I walked through a bunch of trees and bushes to go pee. TMI? Sorry, but that delayed his mission quite a bit… okay, so did the food coma. Anyway, we continued to walk on the trail. So Mitchel is very fast and I am not when it comes to running and every once in a while I try to see if I can run away from him (it never works) but I noticed this time that he was wearing his cowboy boots and I was wearing tennis shoes, so of course I thought it would be hilarious to watch him try and run after me in his boots. I was running and laughing hysterically at the same time which made the running part quite difficult. Mitchel finally caught up with me right before this bridge on the trail and he grabbed me hand really hard and was panting like a dog practically. We got on top of the bridge and that’s when he stopped.

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I honestly though he just needed to catch his breath but he got down on one knee. I still was completely oblivious until he took out the ring and asked me to take his hand in marriage. And of course I said YES! Mitchel and I got married on May 27th of 2017 and it was a beautiful and amazing day!

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