Mitcch and Ronica

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How We Met

Some call chance, we call it fate. Mitch is from Sunshine Coast, Queensland and I’m from Central Coast, New South Wales. For Mitch and I’s paths to cross, significant events had to happen to people close to us. My best friend back in 2016, decided to move across the world to London and so did Mitch’s best friend. They happened to be living near one another during their stay in London and ended up in the same group of friends. All their travel VISAs had ended around the same time, and they had all decided to meet back up in Australia. We all decided to go to a festival for New Year.

Everyone all met up and stayed at my best friend’s house, and Mitch was the plus one they brought along. My first impression, he was the one I thought I’d never have a chance with, the one out of my league. We didn’t talk much during our first encounter as I was too nervous to hang around him, but the day he left back to Queensland it all changed. We started messaging and video chatting and there hasn’t been a missed day since. We didn’t see each other for the first 6 months, but that didn’t stop us. We knew we had something special, long-distance sucks, but he was worth it all.

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How They Asked

I have known since the early stages of our relationship that he was the one I was going to marry. I had sent him all the hints; rings, wedding spots and videos of people proposing classic girl things but he would show minimal interest. Little did I know he had been planning it for months and he was just trying to throw me off guard, so I wouldn’t be expecting it. He covered it well, I gave him hot air balloons tickets for Christmas back in 2019 and due to COVID restrictions, we never got the chance. We missed all our anniversaries due to border restrictions, so this was our makeup weekend away in the Hunter Valley. He told me dinner was booked for 7 pm and dressed fancy without trying to give it away. Wish I listened, my outfit would’ve been cuter haha. As we walked out of the hotel, he told me had organized something and that I needed to be blindfolded. Honestly thought he was surprising me with a golf buggy, but when he said no, the nerves all kicked in.

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As we got closer to the spot, I could hear Marry Me, by Bruno Mars and I knew this was it. My memory of that moment was a blur as it happened so fast, and I was just full of emotion. He surprised me with the most perfect ring, in the most perfect setting and even had a photographer capture the moment. From the stumbling of his words and the handshaking whilst opening the ring box, I will always cherish everything he put into this moment to make this so special. And of course, the answer was YES!

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