Mitali and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met in college in the library 7 years ago! RIGHT?! We didn’t keep in touch much until he asked me to a ‘Date Party’, I remember feeling super special because I thought he was SO cute but he was ‘dating’ a close friend before that so I tried to keep our friendship from pursuing further. But that was difficult – We became best friends before we started dating. I still remember the little things he did for me – making homemade queso on my first day over at his apartment, pizza rolls on our first date, and so much more. I still remember the night he asked me to be his girlfriend – He had taken all the chocolate out of the assorted chocolate hearts and filled it with hummus because he knew that was my favorite snack at the time.

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I have always admired his intent and drive to give 110% to whatever he sets his mind to which is something that I will cherish about him forever. Seven years later, I could not have dreamed of a more beautiful ‘intentional’ proposal.

Our favorite photo and signature pose – Fun fact, All our professional photoshoots have been free because of people wanting us (actually probably Ryan because he looks like a movie star 24/7) to model for their photography business. We took the same one the night of our proposal!

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Another Fun Fact – Ryan has known my ring size since the first year of dating when he gifted me a ring that I wore for 7 years every day!

Currently, we are about to get our doctorates and move to Florida to get the most exciting years of our lives started!

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How They Asked

Like I said, Ryan is the most intentional and charming guy I know. And that is exactly how he made his vision come to life on the night our-forever began. We have been doing long distance for the past year for school but try and see eachother frequently on the weekends. This particular weekend, we had planned not to see eachother because Ryan had to “allegedly” go to the hospital for night shifts which are not surprising given the program he is currently in. I had a full day at school planned in my Graduate Oral Surgery rotation and was not planning on getting home till later. However, they dismissed me early and said that they didn’t need me in the afternoon but called the rest of the people on my rotation back. At the moment, I thought they just didn’t value my assisting skills but later learned that the whole staff was in on the proposal.

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Around noon, my friend picks me up to go to the mall to spend money for no reason which is a big hobby of ours. We even got our eyebrows threaded and I had a terrible reaction where my forehead turned BRIGHT red which prompted me to say “I don’t want to do anything tonight – this looks awful.” She reassured me it would go down, but I honestly thought I would have to miss her birthday because of the reaction I was having on my forehead!

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We spent some time in the mall and at 2:38 pm, I get a Snapchat from Ryan wearing scrubs in his car (Yes I know the exact time because I screenshot all his snaps), assuming he is going into the hospital – I Snapchat him back and say that I will miss him this weekend. My friend looks over and says – “What’s Ryan doing this weekend?” I was super bummed about him not being here this weekend and told her how they were overworking him and he had to work almost 3 nights this weekend. Not knowing that she was in on the surprise as well.

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Later on in the night, I am getting ready and having outfit trouble as usual so I get frustrated and change 500 times. Eventually, I find an outfit that causes me to run late as usual but I had to get a cute “‘OOTD’ picture for memories. I also always send Ryan a Snapchat video of my outfit before I go out – he responded to this Snapchat with “Where are you going looking that fine?” LOL, funny thinking about the fact that I had no idea what I was about to walk myself into but he knew all along ‘Where I was going.

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We had planned to get birthday dinner drinks at a fancy hotel in Louisville with a couple of my other close friends around 8:30 pm that night. When we get to the Omni (hotel), my friends and I take lots of pictures and decide to explore the hotel because one of my friends had never been there before. We were on a mission to find the rooftop and almost snuck into a formal event. We were definitely not in the mood to be on our best behavior that night.

We decided to play ‘Russian Roulette’ with the floors and looking back, I remember my friend saying “Let’s go to the seventh floor – it’s my favorite number”. It was the floor with the room that Ryan and my AMAZING friends had spent hours creating a beautiful floral arch and decorating all day. They each had taken personal days from school and had made me think they were at school all day based on our group texts. We also all usually had each others location but had them turned off due to another friends’ surprise the weekend before so I had no idea where they actually were.

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I didn’t even realize we needed a key to get to these floors but my friends were swiping the card without me knowing. We decide to go down the hallway to make a cute “Tiktok” like we always do when we’re out and my friend starts wiggling random door handles to see if we can find an open hotel room. Like I said, not on our best behavior…Before I could turn around, my friend had “snuck” into a room and I was so shocked that we found an open door. I heard music and saw petals and immediately whispered “Someone’s proposing” – not knowing it was my OWN proposal.

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Then, I saw Ryan in the window reflection and dropped my purse in complete shock. I walked over to him, also still in shock because I was shaking all over. I couldn’t stop looking around at how beautiful everything looked. He said his very beautiful speech and got down on one knee, of course, I said “YES!”. After, they had a surprise planned with all our friends hanging out in the hotel Speakeasy. It’s been a few days but I still feel on top of the world. The most caring, selfless, romantic thing anyone has EVER done for me – set up by my dream man and the person I am privileged to spend forever loving. Yeah, I still feel like I’m dreaming and never want to wake up.

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