Misy and Andy

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How They Asked

We were walking alone on the beach. The full moon was high in the sky and the stars were out. He stopped looking at me and said he needed to go back to the room to grab is “phone”. His phone was in his hand and I had seen the ring box the first night of our trip (I didn’t look inside tho) so I knew he was going to propose.

He comes back and we keep walking down the beach. We saw a flipflop in the water and he goes “that looks like my shoe”. It was as they had fallen out of our bag. We searched for his other missing shoe. I found it and he dropped to one knee.

I jumped for joy and of course, said “YES!” We kissed and hear applauds from the bushes. We turned surprised because we thought we were alone on the beach. Two very HIGH hippies come out of the bushes. They took our photo and agreed it was like it was straight out of a movie. They were even eating popcorn!

It was perfect.

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