Misty and Jeff

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How We Met

In July 2014, Jeff’s Uncle Gerry was coming to San Jose to visit the family. He also wanted to find a way to meet his best friend David Depano, who was Misty’s father. Uncle Gerry was also mentioning to Jeff how Misty was single and maybe they could hit it off. At that time, Jeff had no intention to find love, and Misty was also recovering from a long term relationship. When Uncle Gerry and father David decided on July 20 to meet up halfway, Jeff and Misty were the drivers. As soon as they met at that dim sum restaurant, Jeff felt the instant connection with Misty. He felt as if it was rare to find a Filipina in the States that was single and he connected with beautifully. Their conversation lasted for three hours, although it felt like 20 minutes. Jeff knew he had to grab that chance, and not let Misty get away. To the point where he asked her out on a date three days later. The rest is history…

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how they asked

The proposal happened at Mt Hamilton Grandview Restaurant. I’ve had it in my radar to try for the past 2 yrs, but never introduced it to Misty or have fully considered taking her there for other occasions as I felt it had the best view, hence the name, to do a proposal. It was either renting out a private space at Grandview or renting out a movie theatre and showing a 5 minute video compilation of our relationship. I felt Grandview fit our likes, which was suckers for memories and amazing views. When we first started dating to anniversaries to milestone birthdays, we loved views of restaurants in Berkeley, LA, Aptos, etc. So I drafted up a fake restaurant invitation, told her it was a re-grand opening promotion I won from Yelp. She fell for it, and she was really looking forward to the free meal for 2. Haha!

Even the night before the proposal, my uncle and my cousin kept egging her on that hopefully we’re getting hitched soon. She just kept laughing off how they teased her. She had no clue that all of those were hints, that a proposal was imminent. Once we started driving up to Mt. Hamilton, I acted as if it was my first time at the restaurant. The moment we arrived inside at 4pm, the host says they’re not open for dining yet (they open at 5pm). Misty asks me why we came so early, I told her due to the promotion. All the while I was texting back and forth with Rene the videographer, trying to find a way to sneak out to get mic’d up. Misty wanted to go down to the patio where the best view and where the proposal was going to happen.

I told her no, as they are not yet open. Jodi the events coordinator of the restaurant, who was also in cahoots with the photographer, the videographer and myself said her portion of the script “Just to let you know we have a marketing promotion right now so you will see some camera crew, you may be in the photo but just ignore them.” Finally I sneaked out and said I needed to use the restroom, got mic’d up and told Rene let’s do this! I take my family down to the proposal area, while passing thru the camera crew and pretending to talk to them “So you guys are doing a commercial?” Lol! We get down there, I signal to my family to give us some space, I put my arm around her, instruct her to take a selfie together. Then I kept bringing up how beautiful the view was. Then I started to say my speech “Thank you for loving me, thank you for teaching me patience…” I went down on one knee and asked, then she hesitated to add suspense, says yes and kisses me. Boom our family went crazy.

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