Misty and Brandon

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How We Met

We met several years before dating at a place called Jamaica Gates which is a mutual friends Jamaican restautant. We were friends for a while never would have pictured us together. Now 9 years later we have a 5 yearold daughter and combined the Brady bunch of 5 total kiddos and will soon be married

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how they asked

We were on a cruise to be in Jamaica the next morning, it was elegant night since we were dressed up decided to take pictures as we did each night on the cruise. Little did I know he had alteady gone down while I was getting dressed he went down and told the photographer what was about to happen. We went down for dinner in the restaurant and stopped at a few stands for photos and I was choosing one for last pic before our time for dinner and he was saying no lets do this one by the staircase instead. So once he convinced me we were in line, took several pictures and the photographer started positioning my arms to the spiral staircase back facing Brandon. I was getting a little antsy like gee why is he being so particular how my arms are positioned so I then see the photographer looking behind me i look in corner of eye to see what Brandon is doing, I thought he had fallen or something. After that I don’t remember much I even forgot to give him an answer the photographer had to ask me the answer after that. It was memorable for sure.

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