Misha and Malav

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how we met

Malav lives in San Francisco, and I live in Manchester, UK. In 2014, my cousin tried to introduce Malav and me in India when I went on holiday, unfortunately as luck would have it- Malav was to arrive in India the day I was leaving for the UK and we never met!

However, we started speaking to each other and continued to stay in touch over Facebook chat and phone calls and eventually Skype. Our first Skype call lasted for 2.5 hours! I remember thinking how funny, spontaneous and caring he was. The 5,200 miles or the 8 hour time difference didn’t matter. He would end his day after speaking to me and I would start mine after speaking to him!

After 6 months of virtual conversations , we met for the first time in New York.
Our first date was over Mediterranean lunch at Illili on 5th Ave. It was the cutest date where we spent hours laughing and eating exotic food!

On 21st June, 2015, he took me Hawk Hill at night where we could see the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge in it’s entirety, San Francisco city lights fading on the opposite side and under a thousand shimmering stars he asked me if I would date him! The rest as they say is history…

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how they asked

After 1.5 years of dating, he planned a beautiful proposal with the help of all my friends and family in Manchester. Our relationship was already quite serious and I knew marriage was on the cards, so my parents had planned a small ceremony for us. All my friends and family from all over the world had flown to attend this ceremony. I kept thinking that I would get a proposal before this happened but Malav had other plans! In the midst of the ceremony, my sister, cousins and friends, including my family who flew from halfway across the world started dancing to Marry Me and out of nowhere Malav just got up and joined them- I was so taken aback!

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The next thing I knew was confetti and balloons flying around, everyone cheering and congratulating us and there was even cake! I honestly did not expect it at all and was so overwhelmed by it all that to this day I can’t stop smiling just thinking about it. It really couldn’t have been a more special way to propose as he made sure all the people who mean the most to me were part of the proposal and around me to witness this beautiful moment!

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